Why You Need to Reward Yourself (Even For The Little Things)

We are the first ones to beat ourselves up if we make a mistake. Even a tiny mistake. But what do we do when we hit our little wins? Well sometimes, we beat ourselves up still because maybe we didn’t think the win was good enough and we should have achieved more, but at the very most, we just move forward onto the next stepping stone towards our goal. We don’t allow ourselves to feel good about this little victory before heading onto the next. I think it is about time that we reward ourselves for even the smallest things, here is why.


Firstly, being able to recognise each little win will get you excited about hitting your main goal. As I have written a post about before (find it here), we should not rely on motivation, however, it is a useful ingredient for our goals and will give us little pushes along the way.

And recognising what we have already achieved has to be the most motivating thing. So instead of glossing over it and forgetting about to move onto the next, just take a step back and get excited with what you have achieved.

If you don’t look at what you have achieved you will forget how far you have come and the end goal will still feel so far away. Then you are more likely to give up and lose motivation because you simply feel like you are going nowhere.

So set yourself little stepping stones on the way to your main goal so you can reward yourself every so often, this will give you the motivation you need to keep going and achieve great things.

Self Esteem

We often put ourselves down when we don’t feel like we are doing enough or achieving enough. We can be hard on ourselves even when we don’t need to be.

By rewarding yourself regularly you are recognising your achievements instead of dwelling on any weaknesses you may feel you have. What you focus on is what you will attract more of in life.

If you are looking for the good things you have done in order to reward yourself you will notice more and more what you have achieved. You know when you are having a bad day and it feels like it is getting worse? That’s because you are noticing the small negative things and attracting them.

So reflect on your days, weeks and months in a positive light so that you can see how amazing you really are. Once you start doing this your self-esteem will go through the roof.


It’s Fun

Why not have an excuse just to celebrate with some positivity, there is nothing better than being able to celebrate just because.

Fancy treating yourself or just feeling good about yourself for a while? Then do it. You can always find something fun to do.

A pet peeve of mine is someone who hates christmas and birthdays. Why not just make the most of it? I think this is the same for any occasion that could warrant a celebration. Just use any excuse to feel good about yourself and celebrate it.

If you have a specific goal in mind, you want to continue having fun working towards it. If you start getting bored or forgetting your why then your motivation and desire to achieve it may start dwindling.

I think the general idea is just to reward yourself to stay happy and motivated to keep going.

Why You Need to Reward Yourself Even For The Little Things