Why The Most Important Thing You Need to Achieve Your Goals is Discipline

When we have our goals in mind we are always seeking motivation. We constantly consume information in order for us to get inspired and motivated so we can get in the mood to put in the work. However, motivation is not the main ingredient needed to achieve your goals. In fact you should never rely on this at all. The only thing you need to achieve anything is discipline. Here is why discipline is the first thing you need in order for you to achieve great things.

Discipline is not a feeling

First and foremost, discipline is not a feeling. You don’t have to wait until you feel disicplined like you do with motivation. This is why motivation cannot be relied upon.

How motivated do you feel just before you go to bed after watching a video of a fit girl working out and eating kale? And then how motivated do you feel the next morning when you are telling yourself to get to the gym?

Motivation dwindles and we cannot choose when to feel it. However, discipline is completely different. You make an active choice to be disciplined. No matter how motivated you are (or aren’t), being disciplined will ensure you get the work done.

Discipline does not depend on how you feel in that moment, it’s just the idea of doing it any way.

So stop putting off action because of how you are feeling and take the power away from your emotions and instead realise that you just need to get it done regardless.

Choose to be disciplined and stop allowing your emotions make short-term decisions for you when the long term is begging you to just do it.

Discipline doesn’t care about your failures

Along our journeys we will always reach a point where we ‘fail’. We can slip up, make a wrong choice or just have an accident. When this happens we can feel like a failure, we can beat ourselves up and get upset about it.

But at the end of the day, with every failure comes a lesson. Something that you can take and move forward with in order to succeed more in the future.

So as long as you don’t allow your emotions to take control immediately once this slip up has happened, you can use discipline to ensure that you put what has happened behind you. You can then take that lesson and just keep moving forward.

Discipline does not care about the past or the future. Discipline knows what you need to do right now and ensures that you put in the work.

So if you spent yesterday eating donuts and gorging on pizza, as long as you have that discipline you can get up, put that slip up behind you and get back into the gym and make yourself feel better.

Because even the most disciplined people fall off sometimes, we just don’t realise because it is not a big deal to them. They just brush themselves off and get back on again and keep pushing themselves without a thought of what just happened.

You can subtract everything else but discipline

You don’t have to be motivated, you don’t have to be skilled, you don’t have to be intelligent to achieve anything in life. The only thing you have to do is be disiplined.

Like I said, motivation is dwindling and although it helps to get you pumped up and give you a little push it can’t always be there when you need it the most.

Skill is something that we learn. You are not born with skill so how do you achieve anything in life if you think you need to have the skill in the first place? If you stick with something for long enough that skill will build, but at the start of your journey you will not be skilled and that’s ok.

Intelligence has no importance because anything in this day and age can be learned. As long as you have a willingness and you are interested in what you are learning about then your brain will absorb all the knowledge that you need.

So the only thing you need is discipline. If you do not have discipline it does not matter how intelligent you are, you will not put in the work. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are if you don’t have the drive to start a new project.

Discipline is just the action of getting started and sticking with it, the rest will come.

So before you start making any of the above excuses, remember the only thing holding you back is your mindset. Not that you are not clever enough or it doesn’t come to you naturally, that doesn’t matter. Just get around that mental block and put discipline in it’s place.

Why The Most Important Thing You Need to Achieve Your Goals is Discipline