Why Time-Keeping is Important to Succeed (& Be Taken Seriously)

I work in an office and every morning I ensure that I get into the office before my start time. Partly because I like to take some time to chill and get updated on the news before I start working but also because I want to make a good impression. I find it so irritating when I see people rocking up five minutes past, even twenty minutes pas their start time every single day. Some of these people will often stay late however I don’t think it is fair to pick and choose your working hours just because your start time wasn’t a priority for you.

Show Your Priorities

If you are constantly late, it shows that being on time is not a priority for you. This then shows that you are not that bothered about what you are showing up for. Whether it is work, a social event or even showing up for yourself.

The time in which you need to be somewhere should be in the forefront of your mind at that time. If you are showing up ridiculously late to a meal with friends that has been organised months ago then you are showing that you are not truely thinking of the people you are showing up for.

If you can be on time and have your full attention on that person or the task at hand once you arrive then you are showing that you care and that you are thinking of nothing but them or the project in front of you.

You might think that people don’t notice, but I can tell you they do. They may even laugh and joke about it but they are checking the time and shaking their heads before you arrive 15 minutes late. So they are aware that your priorities are elsewhere.

Don’t be that person.


Not only does being on time show that you care but it also highlights your good traits. People that are on time generally are more organised and productive.

If you were to show up late to a job interview it is unlikely that you would be hired becase they would deduce that you would not be able to organise your work and be able to prioritise etc. They would also assume that you would be late every day due to your lack of time-keeping skills.

So if you are late often just work on those organisation skills. Just be one step ahead. Pre-plan your outfit the night before, maybe even give yourself a timetable for the morning. Set yourself a strict time when you need to get out of bed and when you need to leave and stick to it.

If you are someone that always finds yourself being late then you juts need two things and that is organisation and discipline. You need to organise your mornings so you can get ready in a good amount of time and you need discipline so that you don’t snooze your alarm too many times or procrastinate whilst you are meant to be getting ready.

Does Not Inconvenience Others

Sometimes when you are late you are actually putting other people at a disadvantage which is just not fair. The worst is when you offer to give someone a lift and you end up sitting in the car outside for 20 minutes waiting for them. That is not ok.

When you are late, you can be selfish. So remember to stop and think about how your lack of organisation has impacted someone elses day.

They could be sat in their car stressing because they don’t want to be late. Whereas you just snoozed your alarm five times that morning and didn’t think of anyone but yourself.

Maybe when you change your mindset to start considering others when you are late you might want to be a bit more careful of how you prepare to get ready.

Stress Reduced

Not only does being late impact others but also yourself and your own wellbeing. If you are late all the time you are constantly frantic, rushing and apologising to people.

But once you get organised and start being able to manage your time better you will find yourself being a lot more chilled out.

Stress is so bad for us and if you can minimise that just by being more disciplined with yourself then why wouldnt you? Along with all the reasons above, this would surely want to make you be organised and on time.

Are you normally quite late, or always the one waiting for a friend?

Why Good Time-Keeping is Important to Succeed (& Be Taken Seriously)