Why Self-Development is Important When you Start on Your Goals

We all have goals that we want to achieve and they take a lot of hard work in order for us to attain our idea of success. But why do so many of us give up, seem to be chasing these dreams forever or don’t even get started? It’s because many don’t realise that we first have to work on ourselves. Personal development should be the number one priority before you try to achieve anything because our mindset is the main ingredient in the recipe to success. You need to get your mindset right before you can successfully work towards those goals.

So if you look at your goals like a car journey. You are the car, but in order for you to get to the destination (or the goal) you need to add fuel, you need to ensure the car is in good shape and has been looked after. You cannot start the drive with an empty fuel tank and you won’t finish the drive if your fuel tank depletes before you get there. Do you get it now?

My Experience

The most obvious way this showed in my life was through losing weight. I have been trying to lose weight for years and years. At my lowest point in my depression I put on a lot of weight although I was still trying to diet. Even once my weight stagnated I couldnt lose it no matter how hard I tried.

Then I started to get better, I started working on my wellness and my self-growth. Once I was free from my depression and actually started to learn about self development and really began to grow and love myself is when the weight started coming off.

And yes I still have those tough weeks where I am not feeling it like we all do but then when I am back over the hump feeling amazing again, I can get back on track and keep going again.

At the end of the day, we know what we have to do to achieve what we need. We know how much money every month we need to save to get a deposit for a house, we know we have to eat good and exercise to lose weight, we know we have to sit and work to launch our business.

This shows that it truly is our mindset that is holding us back.

The processes become so much easier when we are at ease in ourselves and feeling happier.

Cannot See The Simplicity

Now I know that it isn’t easy to achieve those dreams of yours, but very often it is simple. However, when we are not at ease with ourselves, our negative thoughts can take over and we can over complicate the steps that we need to take.

We know deep down what we need to do but the fact that your mindset is not wired correctly right now means that you are holding back from carrying out even the smallest tasks that will get you closer. Then when you haven’t taken just the first step you get overwhelmed because you keep thinking about all the other steps and how much you have ahead of you.

You don’t need to think about these until you have done the first one. But, once again your unhealthy mindset won’t allow you to reign in your thoughts and think rationally.

If we are not in a healthy, confident mindset then we are not able to relax a little and feel ready to tackle things calmly and one at a time.

Helps Us See Long Term

If you are not loving yourself or learning to then you are not going to put yourself first. You are going to look for short term solutions to make yourself feel better instead of putting in the work that needs to be done now in order to achieve the long term goals.

When you are in the moment of not feeling your best you have two options, get a quick fix to make yourself feel good in that moment or start putting in some real work on yourself that is going to be tough and take a little longer. However, the latter will give you long lasting effects and the former will often set you back once the “fix” wears off.

If you are still the type of person that is looking for a quick fix you are not going to be able to put in the work and hustle for a while until you reach your goals.

Instead, you will allow yourself to watch Netflix each evening instead of working on your blog, you will reach for that extra bag of crisps instead of getting down the gym.

Only once you train your mind that actually these hard actions are better for you and will make you feel better once they are completed will you start making movement.

And again, none of this will happen until you teach yourself how though self-development.


You hear of people losing all of their extra weight and saying that they still aren’t happy, or they get to the top level of their career and feel unfulfilled.

These are the people that somehow managed to achieve this goal without tackling their mind first. Now with all the above being said, it isn’t impossible to reach your goals without focusing on Personal Development but is going to be harder and it is not going to be fun.

At the end of the day we are all striving to be happy. Every single goal we have is linked to us wanting to be happy.

But we cannot tie our happiness to our achievements, otherwise we will alway feels lacking and feel like there is something more we need.

Now yes, you might achieve these things and feel superficially happy because you have been successful or you like the way you look now, you have money to enjoy yourself with or whatever it is.

Deep down you are not going to feel content with yourself until you work on your own self. And why not do this before you start working on your weight, money or career goals? It will make the process easier, you will be happier and you might even realise that this goal doesn’t align with your newly discovered true self after all!

So before you take that first step, please put some work in on yourself and really boost your fulfillment within yourself first.

Please connect and tell me what you think below, I would love to hear from you!

Why Self- development is importing in achieving your goals