Why It Is Important to Have Goals When You Suffer With Depression

If you are not a regular reader you may not know that I was diagnosed with depression about 4 years ago. I had felt down for many years before that but hit what felt like “rock bottom” in 2014. I have since gotten a lot better and believe that having a goal in place has helped me massively.

Before I was diagnosed I had no direction for my future. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I didn’t really look towards the future with my boyfriend and was just living in the past. I would feel ashamed of my past and let it bring me down, I would then wallow in my feelings in that the moment with no hope in getting any better.

I can’t say what exactly changed and it definitely didn’t just click one day but I started to look more into my future and think of things that I wanted to achieve and how I wanted my life to look. I then started to feel a lot better and found myself sleeping through the night, then getting more motivation then finally I felt deeply happy.

I truely believe that having these goals in place made a huge difference and here is why.

Gives You A Focus

Instead of dwelling on those negative feelings, if you have something that you are actively working towards it will take your mind off of the bad thoughts.

If you are serious about these goals and putting in the work then your focus will be on working harder and moving closer and not on what isn’t working out.

Having something to distract you from the negativity will do wonders for your mental health. The less you allow your mind to run low, the less likely it will take over completely.

So find something that you can turn your attention to, that can take your mind off of the bad bits, even for just a little while.

Understanding That it Gets Better

Now I know this is hard when you have depression and it is a cliche but once you realise that there is hope and things will change you will start to feel so much better.

Picturing your goal and having hope that it will one day happen for you will allow you to picture yourself without depression. It will let you visualise a future where you are feeling successful and content.

Once you start to believe that this image is completely attainable, you will start to realise that it will improve.

And just by having hope, you will subconsciously start feeling so much better. When we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel is when we can spiral deeper and deeper into a depression.

So start working on visualising your goal and knowing that it is possible and you can do it.

You Can Work On Your Success Story

How nice will it be when you can look back and see how far you have come? You can tell people that are suffering and who might not have hope that it is possible.

You can help inspire other people to get out there and start working towards their dreams so that they can start to feel happy and fulfilled.

Again, it is picturing how you will be in the future, but having this ideal you in your head is going to push.

But maybe the thought of being able to be proud of yourself and share your successes with others will be the push you need.

Then when you have all these people in front of you telling you how you have inspired them, that will motivate you to continually work on yourself. 

Gives You Drive

Even if you are starting to feel better or are determined to get yourself out of your depression you will always need something there to help pull you up.

Just the hope to feel happier or the determination to not stay in bed all day won’t get you far. You have to have a purpose. Everything we do needs to come back to a ‘why’. If we don’t have a why then we can so easily give up.

If we don’t have a reason for the actions we are taking we won’t stick with them. Your goals will pull you forward.

Just keep envisaging where it is you want to be and you will find more strength when you work towards that.

I hope this posts inspires you to start thinking about your future and putting plans in place to move forward towards your dreams.

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Why It Is Important to Have Goals When You Suffer with Depression