Why It Has Taken You So Long To Get Started On Your Goal

I know we have all had that feeling when we think to ourselves, “Why didn’t I do this sooner, I would be so much further forward if I had”. Now I can tell you straight away that you should not focus on this, forget what you have or haven’t achieved and think about what you can do now in order to build you future. And anyway, a lot of the time when we tell ourselves this, we still don’t begin to achieve our goals. So if we can figure out why it took you so long to get started, then you can see how you can think differently now and actually get started

You Have Waited for Motivation

Now motivation can get you fired up, it can get you excited to start and I bet you have felt super motivated at some point, only for the next morning to come around and you feel completely different. You know that feeling?

And when you do wake up in the morning, because you don’t feel like you really want it, you put it off and think, “Oh, I will just wait until I am ready”.

Now this is one of the biggest mistakes that you are making. You are relying on this motivation to make you take action. But I hate to break it to you but you will be waiting a long, long time.

Some of the most successful people don’t achieve things because they feel motivated to each and every day. They achieve things because they know that there will be days that they won’t feel like it but they take action anyway.

You probably think that you are meant to feel motivated and fired up 100% of the time but this really isn’t the case.

I wrote a post on why we shouldn’t rely on motivation to achieve our goals so if you want some more indepth thoughts on this then take a look here.

You Are Waiting for a Push

Again, this follows on a little from motivation but a lot of people are waiting for a sign, or they are simply waiting for success to come to them. Once again, you guessed it, that is not the case.

External sources do not care in the slightest if you want something. They are not going to come up and grab you and scream, “I choose you” in your face. You need to get out there and get it yourself.

It is very rare that a sign will tell you when to start, how to start and why. So instead of waiting for this force to push you, you need to pull yourself up.

This all starts with the discipline to just take the action. don’t rely on anything else other than what you can do and will do because you want it badly enough.

You Are Waiting for the Right Time

I have been stuck in the groove where I have been waiting for the conditions to be absolutely perfect before I start something.

I must lose weight first before I start my YouTube channel, I must learn how to write better before I launch my blog, I must really feel ready before I start on my diet. Do. Not. Do. This.


You will never feel ready, the conditions will never feel perfect, there will always be something that you can improve on before you get started. You need to be prepared to start messy.

You are just giving yourself excuses and distractions because you have some sort of fear. And it is likely that this fear will not leave you, fears don’t just disappear.

But if you want something to happen you have to put this all aside, realise that you just have to start where you are right now.


Speaking of fear, this is a huge issue and can actually be the underlying factor for all of the reasons I have pointed out.

If you are passionate about something or if you are going to start on a new, unchartered journey then naturally you are going to feel a little apprehensive. But should this really be holding you back?

My biggest fear has always been what others think of me. I took so long to really get stuck in on my website because I would picture old friends from school finding it and laughing at me. And it feels so stupid saying it out loud. Like would they actually find it? Would they really laugh? And even if they did, does it actually matter?

The fear won’t go away completely, I am not saying that at all, but just put it to the back of your mind and do it anyway.

I found out that someone from my home city googled me and found my website and I cringed. I was super embarrassed knowing that someone was actively looking for me and had found something that I put my heart and soul into, but then when I thought about it properly, I thought fuck it. I didn’t care as much as I thought I would. Just a little cringe and it was over. It actually fired me up to work on it harder to prove to this person, whoever they are, that I can make this a success.

Fear will not go away, just take the plunge anyway, what is the worst thing that can happen?

Your Goal Isn’t Right For You

And finally, maybe your goal actually isn’t what you really want. Are you just working towards something that someone else wants or expects from you?

Really strip back your desires and figure out what you want. Not what you think you need to do to impress others or to make someone else happy.

If you are not really invested into what you are trying to achieve then you won’t get far, you will always find excuses not to work towards it. So like I said, take a deep look and realise your true dreams.

If you don’t know what that is then I suggest signing up to my True Clarity workbook. It will help you visualise the person you want to become and start taking steps towards your dream once you realise it. Fill in the form below to get it straight to your inbox, it’s free!

So what has been holding you back and are you ready to change?

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