What I Have Learned From Starting a Blog (That Aren't About Blogging)

Of course, now that I have started a blog I have learned a lot of things about how HTML works, how Pinterest works, what the best ways to share and market my content are and how to focus on getting my creative work done. But it's not just the blogging itself that I have gained knowledge on. I wanted to share what the process of blogging has taught me about all areas of my life and the world itself. So other than the technical "bloggy stuff", here is what blogging has taught me. 

Consistency Is Key No Matter What You Want to Achieve

You always hear in the blogging world that if you want to be successful you just have to be consistent. Now yes, this is one of the most important ingredients in blogging but also in everything else that we want to work towards.  

There are so many different instances that require us to just be consistent with our hard work so we can then move forward with ease.

It's like losing weight. No matter how good you are in the week and how strict you are with yourself, if you give up on the weekends or don't keep it up for long it's not going to make a difference. 

However, even if you were a little laxer with your diet and exercise, if you kept it consistent and stuck with it for a few months you would be miles ahead. 

I am also working on myself. I am trying to reach a point where I am happy. A point when I can look in the mirror and love the person staring back at me.

Now I know this is a process, and a pretty long one at that but as long as I keep putting in the work and growing I will get there. I just have to take action every single day.

No matter what you want to do, just don't give up. There will be days where you will take a step backward but as long as you just keep going, keep putting in the work you will do it. 

People Are So Kind & Want to Connect

I have always been an introvert and a bit of a loner, to be honest. I was never that comfortable around people and always felt like I wasn't liked or that people just didn't get me. 

Since starting this blog I have found more and more that I am finding people who are on the same page as me. They are interested in the same things and they are always looking to connect.

There are so many kind people in this world and I think that in everyday life it is difficult to find them because on a normal day-to-day situation you are not sharing your dreams, passions, and interests with strangers.

Yet on the internet, because I am sharing all of this I can attract people who resonate with what I am talking about and I feel like they actually care about me as a person as well.

It is so refreshing and I love the feeling I get from these new connections. 

Writing Is Like Meditation

I used to love to write at school but lost my love for it along the way. I would always tell myself to write more and be more creative but like most things we tell ourselves to do, it didn't really stick.

Until I started blogging I refound my love for writing. When I first started it was a bit of a struggle and sometimes a bit of a chore because I would get frustrated with myself. But now that I have had the time to practice I am loving the time I spend writing my content. 

Even if I didn't have a blog I think I would continue to write. Who knows what about but I think it is important to have some sort of creative outlet that you love so you can feel like you are unloading your thoughts and feelings. 

When I pick something I want to write about and then just go for it, my mind focuses in on it. It means I am forgetting about something that has made me anxious that day or worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

I am truly in the moment with myself and my writing. It's a great feeling. 

If you have always wanted to write but never really known what to write about, my advice would just be to go for it. Just open a notepad or your laptop and just write. Even if it doesn't make sense at first, keep going until it does. 

You will feel 10 times lighter by the end of it.

Hard Work Pays Off But It Takes Time

So this is a two-parter I guess. Firstly I learned the importance of Hard work and secondly, patience. 

With blogging, it isn't as easy as it looks. You need to motivate yourself to get on with it. There are also areas behind the scenes that people don't see which require just as much time and effort. 

When you first start a blog you aren't getting paid straight away so by putting in all of this work you aren't getting an instant reward. This makes the hard work more challenging but also means that you can learn more from it. It shows that you can be motivated long-term rather than short-term which is great. 

In terms of patience, the first couple of months I was writing my blog, no one read it and I didn't earn a single penny. Now I knew this was expected so I didn't get too frustrated but it does show you that as long as you keep going, it will soon take off. 

The thing is you won't know when and how high you will soar, but it will happen. So just put your faith in the process and let it take its time. Again, this is the same in everything we strive towards. 

If you are a blogger what have you learned? 

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