The Importance of Allowing Yourself to Grow (& How To Embrace It)

We are constantly evolving. We never stay the same and that's okay. I find it so funny when people criticise you by saying, "Oh, you've changed." like its meant to be a bad thing. We always get so defensive saying "Of course we haven't, we are the same person we've always been." Yes, we are the same person but we are evolving each and every day into our truer selves. We probably will never settle as one person in our lifetime. And that's ok. So here is how to tap into your growth and use it to our advantage. 

Recognise Your Weaknesses

In order to grow and actually level up each time we evolve, we have to put in the work. We need to start looking into ourselves and what we can work on.

I am always aware of my weaknesses but instead of them bringing me down, I work on them. They probably will always be my weakness but as long as I am working on them, they won't define me and they won't hinder me in any way. They will just be a part of my character.

Like my mental health. I could give up and allow it to take over me and define me. But my ability to recognize and work on myself has allowed me to no longer feel depressed and my anxiety has greatly improved. 

I am not the same person as I was when I was severely depressed and could barely leave the house. I am a better version of myself and so happy with how far I have come. Of course, I am not completely cured as I am sure it will always be a weakness of mine however it does not define me and will not bring me down.

But as long as I don't dwell on who I was and how I felt back then and instead focus on how well I am doing now and how happy I feel I am a winner. I can admire how strong I am now and how ambitious. The growth I have seen in myself is phenomenal and I am going to feel damn good about it. 

Now I can embrace that back then was my period of growth to ultimately lead me to become who I am today. I am so grateful for that difficult journey.

Embrace the growth that led you to become who you are today

Hone In on Your Strengths

As well as recognizing your weaknesses you want to take note of our strengths. Maybe you have a particular skill or talent or it could be that you are a great listener, you are kind and giving or you are able to be completely honest, even when it's hard to be. 

So what is it you are great at? Now use it. How can you use this strength - no matter how random - to your advantage?

When you become aware of what you are good at and passionate about you can use these skills to start building a life you love which will then, in turn, enrich your character and evolve you even more. Just keep building on these strengths until you feel like a Superwoman that can take on anything, trust me it will be a great feeling. 

And your strengths might change during different times in your life. So just roll with it and get excited about new opportunities that open up because of these new found skills. It is never too late to redefine yourself. 

It will show you that there are so many paths open to you. The more you grow the more you are able to see them. 

It's Okay to Grow Apart

When we evolve we can evolve differently from those around us. Sometimes this can bring us closer but other times it can cause us to grow apart.

The important thing to know is that this is normal and it doesn't have to be dramatic or to end on bad terms. We can just drift away from people that no longer serve us and vice versa.

I am sure you have heard at some point in your life that friends can come and go like seasons. They all bring different things to your life and all have unique but beautiful traits however they don't always have to stick around. They have just been there for that period of your life to help you move on to the next. 

But this is a good thing, we have a limited capacity for deep and meaningful relationships. Once we say goodbye to one friend we open the door to another who is perfect for this particular time of our lives. 

And this is exciting, because you never know where your next friendship will take you, and they may even cause you to grow and evolve again with them. 

So don't be afraid to lose these people. By holding onto the people who are not right for you, you are hindering your growth and development. Let go and start to blossom.

Stay True to Your Growth

So if you have goals and dreams that you are working towards, guess what? You might realize you actually don't want that anymore once you reach them. And that is okay too.

We can change our minds whenever we like. As long as we keep working on ourselves our outlook on life will change, our priorities will shift and our idea of what happiness means to us will change too. So don't get frustrated with yourself if this happens, this was all part of your journey.

Don't force yourself to endure something you no longer feel aligned with just because you worked so hard to get there. You can change lanes and take a new path whenever you feel like it. Remember you are only stunting your growth if you don't embrace it. 

So you suddenly have this interest in learning a new language? Amazing. Get researching and turn yourself into the awesome bilingual being you are meant to be. You will never know what doors it will open up for you until you make the jump. 

And remember that everything we do in life is a lesson to our future self. So although the first path you took did not end up being right the whole time, it actually taught you so much and led you to where you needed to be. There is no wasted journey as long as you are moving forward and learning at each step of the way. 



As long as you keep allowing yourself to evolve and appreciate your quirks - old or new - you will grow into a more beautiful person than you were yesterday. So don't stop yourself. Embrace the new you every single morning you wake up. 

How are you going to embrace your growth? 

The Importance of Allowing Yourself to Grow (& How to Embrace It)