The Best Investments I Have Made for My Self-Care & Personal Development

*This post contains affiliate links but opinions are always my own. The Amazon links incorporated will take you to the UK Amazon site showing the products that I love. However, at the bottom of the post, I have provided US Amazon links/alternatives.

Self-development does not have to cost you a thing. There are so many resources out there that can provide all the help you need and more but sometimes it is nice to purchase things that will boost your personal development. So whether you are looking to turn your life completely around or just want to feel a little happier each day, here are the best investments I have made for my self-growth journey. 


This is the number one thing for you to invest in if are on a self-growth journey. There are so many self-help books on the market that you are sure to find one to suit you and your needs. 

It is so nice to be able to settle down with a book at the end of the day and fill yourself up with positive affirmations and vibes so you can fall asleep with these good thoughts running through your mind instead of worries from the day. 

The day I stop reading is the day I stop developing my mind and life. We should all be constantly looking to grow and work on ourselves and books are the best way to do this.

If you are not a big reader then maybe try giving audiobooks a go. You can then listen to your books whilst you are doing your chores or on the commute. 

My favorite books that have helped me with my personal development have been: 

Mastering Your Mean Girl - Melissa Ambrosini
This book is about that mean voice in your head and how to get the upper hand and rebel against her. 

The Goddess Revolution - Mel Wells
If you want to better your relationship with food, this is the book to turn to. Mel gives you positive ways to start looking at your body and diet in a completely different way.

Find Your Happy: Daily Mantras - Shannon Kaiser
This is perfect for you to open each morning and take in one page at a time. It is full of affirmations and quotes to live each day by. 

For more of my favorite books and a more in-depth explanation of them see my blog post here. 


As I am sure you know by now, I am trying to lose weight. However, the journey I am taking is not by starting a crash diet to lose as much weight as possible but to start eating healthy, nutritious food that I can sustain for the rest of my life. 

Superfoods are something I really wanted to incorporate into my diet because I knew that they would do wonders for my health. 

However, they can be expensive. But the investment is definitely worth it because of the health benefits they offer. Like I am not going to eat junk food all the time just because it is cheaper.

It also makes me feel so much better in myself knowing that I am making better decisions for my body regardless of the cost.

Now I am not superfood mad, I balance it out with other good food too. I am not the kind of person that is on some crazy diet and can't eat out at restaurants because they would never be able to cater to my needs. I can still shop in the same supermarkets. 

I love the Naturya range for my superfood powders. Shop them here from the Amazon UK site. I have also tried so much more of their range and it is one of the most affordable I have found as well as being super easy to incorporate into your diet. I have left a US alternative down below that you may want to try although I have not tried it myself - take a look at the reviews.


I love riding my bike and it's the best investment I have ever made. I don't personally drive either so firstly it makes it easier for me to get to places and run errands independently. 

But if I need some time to myself and a bit of meditation I take a trip out on my bike. When the weather is nice it is so nice to feel the wind in my face and the sun on my back. 

I sometimes put on a podcast too to get some inspiration as well along the way. I can also occasionally stop off at a park and sit on a bench and reflect. 

I have bought a basket for the front of my bike to hold my dog so I can take her out too, she loves it in there and gets so excited to come with us on our bike rides. Get your own dog basket here

If you would love to explore more take a look at this beautiful bike here. Mine is super similar and I am in love with this style of bike. Makes me want to ride it even more, are you the same? 

The Happiness Planner

I bought The Happiness Planner at the beginning of the year and fell in love with it. Not only is it the most beautiful planner in the entire world but the pages are just so helpful to get you to look at your daily life in a different way and see what you should be focusing on to boost your happiness.

It also give you the opportunity to reflect as well as plan ahead. It is such a great planner to have if you are looking to grow and develop yourself. 

I notice that if I miss a few days or weeks writing in my planner then I am likely to fall off the wagon a bit and start neglecting certain areas of my life. Once I start up again then I am constantly aware of how I am behaving each day and what I need to be doing to progress. 

If you are struggling to hold yourself accountable each day and feel like writing it down will help then you definitely need this planner in your life. 

Take a look at my full review on The Happiness Planner here.

Purchase the Planner direct from their website here.

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The Best Investments I Have Made for My Self-Care and Personal Development