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Items That Will Make Your Health & Fitness Journey Easier

You don’t need anything but discipline and a ‘why’ to start your health and fitness journey but with the following items it will be so much easier. These items will either give you more options for healthier meals, improve workouts or just give you a bit of motivation to stick with it. So here are the items that I use and love that help me.

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How To Actually Stick With Your Healthy Eating Plan

I feel like I have been trying to diet my whole life but finally, I am in a place where I am eating healthy in a sustainable way and actually sticking with it pretty well. If you are trying to eat healthier - and I mean properly eat healthier and not just crash dieting - then here are some tips on how to stick to your healthy eating diet so your efforts are not wasted and you can finally be happy, confident and well. 

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Why I Track What I Eat With MyFitnessPal

I have had MyFitnessPal for years and have used it on and off. After not using it for a long while I decided to start again recently. For those that don't know, I am on a weight loss journey. I have a significant amount of weight to lose. My approach is not to crash diet but more to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that will help me get to my ideal weight but also increase the wellness of my mind and body. Here is why I decided to use the MyFitnessPal app to help.

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