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How To Avoid The Afternoon Slump

Every day at work around 3pm I would start to feel groggy, a headache would start to form behind my eyes and I would feel either restless or completely exhausted - sometimes even both. A lot of us start to think this is normal and just a part of work but I can tell you that it isn't. Since I have started on my personal growth journey and improved numerous areas of my life, I no longer get this awful feeling. Here is how I got rid of the afternoon slump. 

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How To Nurture Your Body & Feed Your Mind

Essentially our bodies are just vessels, but how we treat our physical bodies reflects on our souls. If you don't take care of your body your mind won't be at it's best. I wanted to explore what we can do with each of our senses to start letting in more joy and to take care of ourselves deeply. Our minds are our most important asset, to live a completely fulfilled life we want our minds to be at their best so here are a few things to help treat your body and heal your mind. 

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How I Lost 14 Pounds in 2 Weeks by Quitting Sugar

I had been looking into it and seen so many things about sugar being so bad for you and I really took this on board. At first, I didn't even want to give up chocolate because I love it so much but for my health and weight I knew I had to. But after reading into I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson it really opened my eyes to what I should be doing. Now I am not sticking to her program word for word but I have taken a lot of inspiration from her books and using a lot of her delicious recipes.

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