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The 4 Things I Still Treat Myself To Whilst Saving

My other half and I's number one goal at the moment is to buy a house. We are working more than ever and scrimping and saving so that we can save as much money as possible to reach our dream of owning our own home. Now we are realistic about this endeavor. We know that if we stop sending any money at all and save absolutely everything we will hit a burn out and probably end up splurging. So we still give ourselves treats and an allowance each week so that we can still live our lives. Here are some of the things that we still treat ourselves to whilst saving as much as we can.

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How to Make More Space in your Budget for Saving

Hopefully, you already have a budget in place. If you don't, read my blog post How to Create a Budget. This will give you the basics on how to get a budget together so you can start working on your finances.Once you have your budget ready you can then start looking into ways on how you can get some of your outgoings down so that you can put more money into savings or paying off debt. 

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5 Super Easy Steps to Save Like a Pro

I am positive I am not alone in saying that I have been through times where I have been awful with money. Buying things impulsively and not thinking about the consequences. Buying emotionally for a second of gratification only to feel awful about it later on. It then just turns out to be a vicious circle you think you will never get out of. 

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