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The Happiness Planner Review (Plus 10 of Your Questions Answered)

As I mentioned in my previous post here, I am trying to make this year super productive. I also want to continue working on myself and just being happy. I decided to invest in The Happiness Planner to be able to track my year and how I feel every day. I want to work on being more mindful of each day but also have a record to be able to look back on and The Happiness Planner definitely delivers. 

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5 Things to Watch on Netflix This Autumn

'Tis the season for Netflix and Chill. Its cheap, its cozy and there is so much to choose from. But if you are like me and take longer looking for something to watch than you do actually watching it, here are some of the shows that I have been loving or that I have just started and already hooked on. 

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