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5 Ways To Get Your Partner On Board With Your Goals

I am lucky in the fact that my fiance has always been my biggest cheerleader and our future dreams are completely in line. However, I know that others are not as lucky. Whether you want to lose weight, quit your job and travel the world or start a new career path. If you are struggling for your partner to see from your point of view and get as excited about your goals as you are then here are some tips to get them on board.

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The Only Two Rules You Should Set In Your Relationship

Obviously, every relationship is different. We all have different boundaries, different personalities. We love differently, and we also accept love differently. Relationships seem to be so full of different rules and grey areas but actually, I think we can make it so much simpler. We naturally complicate them ourselves. So instead of all of these rules and red tape, there are just two things that should act as a foundation for every relationship.

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Why Your Partner Will Never Make You Happy

I am loving Will Smith right now. He broaches topics I never think of myself and then when I listen to his words it all just clicks. I cannot agree more with everything that comes out of that man's mouth. He is just so inspirational I actually get emotional listening to him. Now you have probably seen his video about how he was speaking with his wife Jada, and they agreed that it is not their responsibility to make each other happy. In fact, it is impossible to make someone happy. I wanted to delve into it deeper and share my take on this ideal.

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