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Why Time-Keeping is Important to Succeed (& Be Taken Seriously)

I work in an office and every morning I ensure that I get into the office before my start time. Partly because I like to take some time to chill and get updated on the news before I start working but also because I want to make a good impression. I find it so irritating when I see people rocking up five minutes past, even twenty minutes pas their start time every single day. Some of these people will often stay late however I don’t think it is fair to pick and choose your working hours just because your start time wasn’t a priority for you.

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How To Find The Time to Work Towards Your Goals

We all have busy lives. We all have different priorities. We all have goals. So how can we knuckle down and start making time for our goals? How can we make sure that we are consistently putting in the effort and work needed to achieve them. It is super easy to draw up a vision board or create a plan but when it comes down to it we need to actually put in the work. That's the hardest part. So whether you are trying to find the time to go to the gym, work on your business or analyse your finances here are the ways that I find time in my hectic schedule to get shit done.

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