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What I Did To Finally Make Myself Feel Happier

Depression sucks and I know how hard it is to help raise yourself up but I have done it and I think anyone else can if they have the drive in them to want to change. As well as seeking medical help, here are some of the things that I did (or stopped doing) that helped me start to get out of the depressive haze and back into my light again. I still have down days or weeks but often I notice that it’s because I haven’t stuck to one of the following, when I am back in line with each of these again I feel so much better. So here is how to make yourself feel happier.

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5 Ways to Have a More Productive Weekend

If you work full time but you still have goals that you need to achieve then you will know full well that the work you have to put in consistently each weekend never stops. But we can sometimes put these tasks off or not make the most of our time. I love looking back on my weekends knowing that I was productive and feeling accomplished. If, though, like most of us your weekends go past in a blur and you end up feeling like you haven't made the most of it like you had planned to then follow these tips to make your weekends more productive. 

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