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How To Start Your Day on a Positive Note

“Look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning”. This is such an overused phrase for when we are just having one of those days and we don’t know why. But the start of our days can make such a difference to how we feel throughout the day. So here are some tips to put you in a good mood first thing and continue your day on a positive note.

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20 Fun Things to Do This Spring/Summer That Won't Break the Bank

Finally, Spring is here which means brighter skies, warmer weather, and bigger smiles. Plus Summer is right around the corner too so even better. I like to think in advance of what I want to do in the nice weather as I like to make the most of it every day. I hope this list inspires you to get outside and think about what to do this spring and summer. Plus most of these are completely free so you have no excuse. 

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