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How To Keep Your Desk Organised (& Allow Space for Productivity)

I truly believe in the "Tidy Home, Tidy Mind" quote. If your surroundings are uncluttered and calming then your mind will be also. This includes your workspace. This is probably the most important place to keep tidy as this is where you want to be focused and get ready to get some serious work done. You don't want to be surrounded with the mess that won't allow you to get your head down and be productive. Here are some of the tips and items I have on my desk to keep it spotless.

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5 Ways to Have a More Productive Weekend

If you work full time but you still have goals that you need to achieve then you will know full well that the work you have to put in consistently each weekend never stops. But we can sometimes put these tasks off or not make the most of our time. I love looking back on my weekends knowing that I was productive and feeling accomplished. If, though, like most of us your weekends go past in a blur and you end up feeling like you haven't made the most of it like you had planned to then follow these tips to make your weekends more productive. 

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