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How Depression Impacts Our Decision Making Process

In the height of my depression in 2014/2015 I didn’t just feel like I was stuck in this feeling but I was actually spiraling. The problem with depression is that it changes our mindsets so much that we start making decisions that end up making it so much worse for ourselves. These are things that we sometimes just can’t help but need to start recognising so we can try and pull ourselves out of these bad habits. Once we start getting our shit together can we then start working on getting better and feeling like ourselves again.

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How To Ditch Negativity & Start Living Joyously

We all deal with negativity from time to time, or if you are feeling a little lost this can be more often than not. We are the first people to point out if someone is being negative around us but what if we are that negative person? Negativity is like a disease, it's contagious and once it has you it can take over pretty quickly until it is spilling over to those around you. It drags us down and affects us more than you imagine. So how do you stop being so negative and start living a positive life? 

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