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20 Fun Things to Do This Spring/Summer That Won't Break the Bank

Finally, Spring is here which means brighter skies, warmer weather, and bigger smiles. Plus Summer is right around the corner too so even better. I like to think in advance of what I want to do in the nice weather as I like to make the most of it every day. I hope this list inspires you to get outside and think about what to do this spring and summer. Plus most of these are completely free so you have no excuse. 

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Practising Gratitude Everyday

Something I feel has made a big difference to me is gratitude. I used to feel bitter about the cards I was dealt and I would only focus on the negatives in my life. Then I heard about giving gratitude every day and to write it down. I ordered a book and started writing in it each morning when I woke up. At first I was thinking "I haven't got anything to write down, nothing good has happened to me" but then I realised that every thing in our day to day life is a gift, especially those things we take advantage off.

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