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3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Meal Planning

I have been obsessed with meal planning for about 18 months now. Every single Saturday without fail I get all of my recipe books out in front of me, get Pinterest open and start recording what I want for that coming week. I love planning my meals, it helps with my weekly grocery bill, helps me eat healthily and just generally keeps my productivity at a high. If you are considering Meal Planning too then here are some ways I think it is great.

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How Meal Prepping Helped Me Lose 7 Pounds in 1 Week

I was not eating healthy and knew I needed to change how I approached my food each day. I lost a good chunk of weight in my first week and want to share how Meal Planning helped me do this. Whether you are on a budget, a vegetarian or you cook for the entire family I think you can make such a difference to your diet. 

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