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How To Find Connection When You Don't Have Friends

If, like me, you consider yourself to be a bit of a loner or you do have friends but they just don’t seem to get you on that deeper level then you may be craving some connection with others. That connection that allows you to be vulnerable and share your dreams and weaknesses. Here is how you can find that connection.

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5 Podcasts Goal-Getters Must Listen To

I love podcasts (especially self-development podcasts), I listen to them when I walk the dog, on my commute to work and sometimes even in the shower. There is so much to be learned by listening to these amazing people's thoughts on personal development. If you are looking to elevate your life then turn off the music and turn on podcasts. You can get just so much inspiration from each episode. Here are some of the podcasts I am loving at the moment for self-improvement. 

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