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How to Loop Your Pins on Pinterest To Skyrocket Your Repins & Traffic

So you want to start a blog? Or you already have one but want to get more traffic by using Pinterest? Well, that was my goal too and I found the best way to automate traffic to your blog through Pinterest by setting up a loop for your Pins to be posted to Group Boards throughout the week. All automated so you can set it up and let it do the work for you. 

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The Beginners Guide To Starting A Profitable Blog

One of the best decisions I have made is starting this blog. I am so happy that I have a place to be creative, to share my thoughts and ideas and also a chance to build a community of likeminded women. I also love the idea that one day I could earn a living off of my blog and because it is such a passion of mine I am so excited for that day to come. So if you have always wanted to start a blog but don't really know where to start then here are some more technical tips to get going.

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5 Tips on How To Focus When Writing a Blog Post

My attention span is shorter than I am (5'3'' FYI) and it is a struggle when trying to get things done that need my undivided attention. I have improved over time and tried different ways to stop procrastinating and start getting the work done in front of me. Here are some things that help me focus when writing a blog post (or focus on anything for that matter). 

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