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Why The Most Important Thing You Need to Achieve Your Goals is Discipline

When we have our goals in mind we are always seeking motivation. We constantly consume information in order for us to get inspired and motivated so we can get in the mood to put in the work. However, motivation is not the main ingredient needed to achieve your goals. In fact you should never rely on this at all. The only thing you need to achieve anything is discipline. Here is why discipline is the first thing you need in order for you to achieve great things.

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What I Have Learned From Starting a Blog (That Aren't About Blogging)

Of course, now that I have started a blog I have learned a lot of things about how HTML works, how Pinterest works, what the best ways to share and market my content are and how to focus on getting my creative work done. But it's not just the blogging itself that I have gained knowledge on. I wanted to share what the process of blogging has taught me about all areas of my life and the world itself. So other than the technical "bloggy stuff", here is what blogging has taught me. 

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How To Find The Time to Work Towards Your Goals

We all have busy lives. We all have different priorities. We all have goals. So how can we knuckle down and start making time for our goals? How can we make sure that we are consistently putting in the effort and work needed to achieve them. It is super easy to draw up a vision board or create a plan but when it comes down to it we need to actually put in the work. That's the hardest part. So whether you are trying to find the time to go to the gym, work on your business or analyse your finances here are the ways that I find time in my hectic schedule to get shit done.

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