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What I Did To Finally Make Myself Feel Happier

Depression sucks and I know how hard it is to help raise yourself up but I have done it and I think anyone else can if they have the drive in them to want to change. As well as seeking medical help, here are some of the things that I did (or stopped doing) that helped me start to get out of the depressive haze and back into my light again. I still have down days or weeks but often I notice that it’s because I haven’t stuck to one of the following, when I am back in line with each of these again I feel so much better. So here is how to make yourself feel happier.

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Why Your Partner Will Never Make You Happy

I am loving Will Smith right now. He broaches topics I never think of myself and then when I listen to his words it all just clicks. I cannot agree more with everything that comes out of that man's mouth. He is just so inspirational I actually get emotional listening to him. Now you have probably seen his video about how he was speaking with his wife Jada, and they agreed that it is not their responsibility to make each other happy. In fact, it is impossible to make someone happy. I wanted to delve into it deeper and share my take on this ideal.

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