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How To Get Over a Shitty Situation Quickly

So the other weekend I went to the Bristol Harbourside Festival and had such a good day. We cycled in and then when we returned to where we had our bikes locked up we found that our locks had been cut and my fiance's bike was stolen. We were obviously upset and annoyed at the situation, however, we have handled it well. We were discussing how someone else might have reacted to this situation so thought I would share how to get over those shitty moments and move on. 

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How To Ditch Negativity & Start Living Joyously

We all deal with negativity from time to time, or if you are feeling a little lost this can be more often than not. We are the first people to point out if someone is being negative around us but what if we are that negative person? Negativity is like a disease, it's contagious and once it has you it can take over pretty quickly until it is spilling over to those around you. It drags us down and affects us more than you imagine. So how do you stop being so negative and start living a positive life? 

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How Hope is the Ultimate Lifeline When You Are Feeling Down

So I have decided to be completely honest and share my struggles with mental heath, weight, career and finances. We all have these struggles though and I really believe that hope is the first step to acknowledging that you can change things if you just work hard. 

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Practising Gratitude Everyday

Something I feel has made a big difference to me is gratitude. I used to feel bitter about the cards I was dealt and I would only focus on the negatives in my life. Then I heard about giving gratitude every day and to write it down. I ordered a book and started writing in it each morning when I woke up. At first I was thinking "I haven't got anything to write down, nothing good has happened to me" but then I realised that every thing in our day to day life is a gift, especially those things we take advantage off.

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