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Mindset Shifts You Need to Make to Achieve Your Goals

If you keep starting off the year working towards your goals to only give up or get off track a few weeks down the line then there may be something wrong with the mindset you are taking with you into the journey. I do believe that in order for us to achieve our goals we have to become the person that has already achieved them. I wrote a post about this concept, if you want to delve deeper read it here. So what are the mindset shifts you need to make to acheive your goals?

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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait Until The New Year to Start On Your Goals

Okay, now I know we are only just coming to terms with people talking about Christmas and here I am talking about the New Year! But this is the time of year that we can sometimes start falling off the wagon and just thinking to ourselves, “oh, there is no point starting now.”, “Not with Christmas coming up”, “I will wait for the New Year”. But this is the wrong attitude to have if you want to actually achieve your goals. Here is why you shouldn’t wait until the New Year to start on your goals.

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How To Find The Time to Work Towards Your Goals

We all have busy lives. We all have different priorities. We all have goals. So how can we knuckle down and start making time for our goals? How can we make sure that we are consistently putting in the effort and work needed to achieve them. It is super easy to draw up a vision board or create a plan but when it comes down to it we need to actually put in the work. That's the hardest part. So whether you are trying to find the time to go to the gym, work on your business or analyse your finances here are the ways that I find time in my hectic schedule to get shit done.

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How To Stay Focused on Your Goal Whilst on Vacation

I know vacations are the time which you are meant to switch off and just enjoy yourself but sometimes our goals need constant work to enable us to actually achieve them. So whether you are trying to lose weight and just can't help yourself at the buffet or you are working on your business and just don't find the time to work on it whilst you are away then here
are some ways that I have been able to keep my goals in my mind. 

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5 Podcasts Goal-Getters Must Listen To

I love podcasts (especially self-development podcasts), I listen to them when I walk the dog, on my commute to work and sometimes even in the shower. There is so much to be learned by listening to these amazing people's thoughts on personal development. If you are looking to elevate your life then turn off the music and turn on podcasts. You can get just so much inspiration from each episode. Here are some of the podcasts I am loving at the moment for self-improvement. 

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My 5 Favourite Podcasts

I love podcasts and if I have headphones in 99% of the time I am listening to a podcast and not music. They are the best thing to Inspire and motivate you when you are unable to read a book or watch something. I love listening to them when I travel, whether that's on the bus on the way to work or on bike rides. Trust me when I say if you don't already, once you start listening to podcasts you won't want to stop. So here is a list of some of the podcasts I am loving right now! 

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