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How To Embrace Your Personality & Find Your Tribe

I have grown up my entire life feeling like the odd one out. The strange one, with interests different to anyone else, with different views and passions. I always felt like i have been holding back these parts of myself and recently I have been craving connection with people that share these interests. However, it is difficult to find people who you want to show your true self to when you barely know who you are and you are ashamed of parts of yourself.

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How To Make Friends At Work (When You're Not The Newbie)

So I have always been a little introverted and after distancing myself from people in the past due to depression and anxiety I have now gotten to the stage where I do want to surround myself with more cool people that I can vibe with. So when new people around my age start working in the same company as me I will always look at them as someone that could potentially be a friend to me. Here is how I have been making friends with people at work when I am not the newbie. 

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