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Why It Is Important to Have Goals When You Suffer With Depression

If you are not a regular reader you may not know that I was diagnosed with depression about 4 years ago. I had felt down for many years before that but hit what felt like “rock bottom” in 2014. I have since gotten a lot better and believe that having a goal in place has helped me massively.

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How To Stay Focused on Your Goal Whilst on Vacation

I know vacations are the time which you are meant to switch off and just enjoy yourself but sometimes our goals need constant work to enable us to actually achieve them. So whether you are trying to lose weight and just can't help yourself at the buffet or you are working on your business and just don't find the time to work on it whilst you are away then here
are some ways that I have been able to keep my goals in my mind. 

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5 Tips on How To Focus When Writing a Blog Post

My attention span is shorter than I am (5'3'' FYI) and it is a struggle when trying to get things done that need my undivided attention. I have improved over time and tried different ways to stop procrastinating and start getting the work done in front of me. Here are some things that help me focus when writing a blog post (or focus on anything for that matter). 

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Practising Gratitude Everyday

Something I feel has made a big difference to me is gratitude. I used to feel bitter about the cards I was dealt and I would only focus on the negatives in my life. Then I heard about giving gratitude every day and to write it down. I ordered a book and started writing in it each morning when I woke up. At first I was thinking "I haven't got anything to write down, nothing good has happened to me" but then I realised that every thing in our day to day life is a gift, especially those things we take advantage off.

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