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5 Ways I Got My Experian Credit Score to a Perfect 999

I haven't always had a good credit score, I used to be terrible with money. But for the past 6 months, it has consistently stayed at 999 following a slow increase over the last couple of years. At first I thought it was a mistake because I do have a couple of late payments on my record from 2014 so I updated my details on there, made sure everything was correct and up to date and still it came back with this perfect score. So how did I increase my credit score?

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3 Ways to Stop Impulse Spending

I used to be so bad at spending money on meaningless things. I would go into the shops almost every day after work and buy something. It was always something I didn't need and would feel guilty about for days after. I have managed to kick this habit which has made way for me to pay off debts and start saving so I can actually spend my money on meaningful things and not just empty materialistic "stuff". 

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5 Super Easy Steps to Save Like a Pro

I am positive I am not alone in saying that I have been through times where I have been awful with money. Buying things impulsively and not thinking about the consequences. Buying emotionally for a second of gratification only to feel awful about it later on. It then just turns out to be a vicious circle you think you will never get out of. 

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