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How To Stay Consistent With Your Finances

It's all good and well starting your journey to saving more money or paying off your debt but if you want to hit your goals and really make a difference to your life you have to stick with it consistently.  If you are saving for just a little while and then end up going on a crazy shopping spree, your savings will dwindle faster than they build up. Here are some tips on how to stay consistent with your finances.

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What I Have Learned From Starting a Blog (That Aren't About Blogging)

Of course, now that I have started a blog I have learned a lot of things about how HTML works, how Pinterest works, what the best ways to share and market my content are and how to focus on getting my creative work done. But it's not just the blogging itself that I have gained knowledge on. I wanted to share what the process of blogging has taught me about all areas of my life and the world itself. So other than the technical "bloggy stuff", here is what blogging has taught me. 

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