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Dealing with Self Doubt

Self Doubt can be so damaging, we should always believe in our own ability to make our dreams come true. I have dealt with self doubt my whole life and missed out on so many opportunities because of this. Almost everything I have begun has ended in me doubting myself and giving up because I feel like I cannot do it. Now I am recognising that this is becoming a problem and stopping me from living a fulfilling life so I need to take action to gain confidence in myself. 

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Creating your OWN Goals

I worked in an office for a while in an entry level position and there seemed to be just one path through the business in terms of progression. All of my colleagues had their sites on another job within the company and for a while I did to. It seemed like the smart move to make, more money, a little more responsibility and it was where everyone else was going. So when a job opened up I first thought I would go for it like a handful of my colleagues. But then I stalled.

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