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5 Tips on How To Focus When Writing a Blog Post

My attention span is shorter than I am (5'3'' FYI) and it is a struggle when trying to get things done that need my undivided attention. I have improved over time and tried different ways to stop procrastinating and start getting the work done in front of me. Here are some things that help me focus when writing a blog post (or focus on anything for that matter). 

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Meal Planning

I have been obsessed with meal planning for about 18 months now. Every single Saturday without fail I get all of my recipe books out in front of me, get Pinterest open and start recording what I want for that coming week. I love planning my meals, it helps with my weekly grocery bill, helps me eat healthily and just generally keeps my productivity at a high. If you are considering Meal Planning too then here are some ways I think it is great.

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What I am Investing in To Make 2018 The Most Productive Yet

Although I am saving as much money as possible for 2018 I believe in investing in myself either just to make me happy, or to increase my productivity and organization. My words of the year are Brave and Hustle so I want to work as hard as I can but also as smart as I can. By enriching my life outside of my work it means I will be in the better mind frame to get stuck in my work and keep creating. Here are some of the things I am recently loving and think will make a huge difference to my productivity this new year. 

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