5 Beautiful Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life

I love a good book and right now on my Personal Development journey, I am loving self-help books. There are so many different topics of Self Care, from nutrition, mental health and even just how you speak to yourself. A lot of the books I am going to mention have impacted my life so much and made me think more about the future I want to create for myself. These are my best picks of Self-Help books for young women.

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Mastering Your Mean Girl - Melissa Ambrosini 

This book is always at the top of my list. If you have that little voice in your head that is constantly putting you down or telling you that you can't do something. If they are holding you back in life then this is the book for you. 

Melissa describes this voice as your inner Mean Girl and as the title suggests she looks to teach you how to master it and start living your life through love and not fear. She writes as she talks, which is beautifully. You feel like you are connecting with her on a different level and really opens up. 

By the end of the book, you are sure to think of Melissa as your new bestie. I loved this because the way she writes just really spoke to me and felt like it was an old friend giving you advice in a gentle and caring way. 

She shares stories of her own and gets vulnerable herself. She isn't this glossy unrelatable human at all, but someone we can all see ourselves in. 

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Find Your Happy Daily Mantras - Shannon Kaiser

Now this book is great if you're not the biggest lover of reading or don't have the time to spend reading a book. This is the perfect book to get you started on your Self-Care journey.

This book has 365 different pages of inspiration to start your day. So you can spend each morning just reading the one page.

It is full of things to think about along with quotes and positive affirmations to tell yourself and boost your morale.

Every morning when I wake up I reach for this book, I flick it open onto a random page and just read. It starts with a beautiful title, along with a small paragraph, followed by a mantra. Now, these mantras are there for you to say out loud to yourself. This book will make you treat yourself differently, it will stop the self-harming talk and instead allow you to speak to yourself like you would a loved one.

The mantras aren't cringy or too woo-woo. They are exactly what every girl (or boy) needs to hear each morning to start the day off with some positive vibes. 

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The Goddess Revolution - Mel Wells

I love Mel Wells, her Instagram is so inspiring and she has such a beautiful soul and any time I have messaged her she has always replied. Now that says something considering how successful she now is.

And her book comes across the same way she does. Beautiful, full of amazing advice and ridiculously inspiring. 

This book is all about our relationship with food. Now don't automatically assume that it is a diet book, because it isn't. She delves into why we should have a better relationship with our food to enable us to then have a more fulfilled life in every other aspect.

She looks at our relationships with our bodies and how that can affect our mind. It really is one of those great books that open your eyes to how we talk to ourselves and how much of an impact our food really does have on us. 

She shares heartbreaking stories of her own but still manages to keep the tone light and inspiring. She has this wonderful way of telling you how it is without sounding preachy or intimidating. Another author who you could easily feel like your best friend. 

This is also a beautiful book to display on your bookshelf. It makes me happy just looking at it and always takes pride of place at the end of the shelf.  

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Strong Looks Better Naked - Khloe Kardashian

This book got me so fired up and motivated to move my body. I think some people may have preconceived ideas about this book and what it's about but it really does hit the nail on the head for many of our problems. 

Unless you were under a rock in 2015/2016 then you would have seen the amazing transformation Khloe Kardashian went through with her body. If you followed her on social media you would have seen the hard work she was putting in to create her stunning figure. 

Now this book is all about that journey and how she made it work for her. She describes working out a sort of meditation and although you might be thinking, "Well she's lucky! I could do just as well if I loved it too!". However, she didn't always feel this way. 

Follow along with her journey and struggles with self-image and get an unapologetic look into how she has built her confidence, learned how to love exercise and ultimately herself. 

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#Girlboss - Sophia Amoruso

So maybe this is a little more of a business book instead of a self-help but I think the way Sophia Amoruso has written this book allows for it to be applied to other areas of life and not just building a business.

She is so inspiring and shares her struggles and failures in such a way that makes it feel like anything is possible for us all. She is straight to the point and witty in her approach. She does not mess about and just tells you how it is.

If you need some inspiration along with a kick up the ass then this is the book you need in your life. And if you haven't sensed the theme yet, this is another beautiful looking book for your bookcase. 

This is definitely a book you can have a giggle with but also get some brilliant nuggets of wisdom from an incredibly successful businesswoman. 

Sophia also has an amazing podcast where she interviews amazing women who share their struggles and successes in their entrepreneurial journeys. Just search Girlboss Radio and you will find hundreds (maybe an exaggeration!) of amazing podcast episodes. 

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What books have you been loving lately or would like to begin reading? 

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