Self-Care Ideas for The Colder Months

The nights are getting darker and the temperature is drastically dropping. Sometimes this time of year can cause us to feel more down than usual. When we go through the transition from a warm, bright summer to a dark, cold winter we can almost mourn the loss of the sun. So now is the perfect time to start working on your self-care. Here are a few ways you can set some time aside in the winter months to look after yourself.

Quality Time with Friends and Family

Now that we don’t want to head outside as much, it is the perfect time to host friends and family in your own home. You could invite them round to watch a film, have dinner or even a full blown house party.

It’s cheaper than heading out to eat and cosier than going to the cinema so have a quick clean up and get your loved ones round.

You will feel so warm knowing that you have been able to host your family and nourish these relationships. The fact that you have not had to leave your home to have this much fun will make you love the colder months even more.

Just connecting with those around you and taking care of these relationships will do wonders for your mental health. As long as these people are bringing you joy and raise your vibrations, then you will thrive off of having them around.

Remember, self-care isn’t just about taking time for yourself. It is also about taking time for those around you which will then lift you up.

Take a Bath

So this is probably on every self-care list, and for good reason. This is the perfect weather to light some candles in your bathroom, line up your favourite bathing products and run a nice, hot bubble bath.

It’s free and such a nice relaxing moment to have with yourself. You can also choose bath products with particular scents depending whether you want to relax, focus or get energised.

Having a little spa session in your own home is so luxurious when you set it up just right. Being in the comfort of your own home without strangers in their bathing suits around you is much more relaxing than a spa in my opinion.

You can then wrap up in your robe afterwards and cuddle in front of the TV or start dinner, however you want to continue your evening.

Winter Care Wishlist


Meditation is never as woo woo as it sounds. Sometimes it is just about spending 15-30 minutes sitting (or lying) quietly, controlling your thoughts.

Get cozy in a corner of your home or even in your bed and sit and be with you thoughts. There are so many benefits to meditating and although I am definitely not an expert, I can tell you how important it is.

If you struggle to meditate in silence you can get all sorts of different apps or even youtube videos and podcasts that will guide you through a meditation.

This is perfect to do in the winter months because you can really get warm and wrapped up and even use this meditation to spend a couple more minutes in bed in the morning.

Also, when we are not spending as much time outside it is important to keep our thoughts in check because we don’t refresh our minds with the outdoors as much as we do in the summer.

Get Passionate & Create Something

Find something that you can get passionate about. This winter I have decided to start making candles. This means that I am going to be kept busy by something that excites me and can potentially become more than a hobby.

This is time that I would probably have spent outdoors in the summer. So when we are less likely to go outside, we need to find things to do inside that will bring us joy.

So what can you do to keep your brain working and release your creativity? Maybe it’s to start your own blog, learn an instrument or a language or creating some art.

But whatever it is, get excited about it and spend the darker evenings working and perfecting your skill. There really is no better time to create than now. There is so much going on around us that can inspire us because of the time of year so just get started.


Sometimes we can neglect reading when we are always on the go or always outside exploring. We have entered a world of technology and we are listening to podcasts, watching youtube or netflix whenever we have some spare time.

However, reading is so important. You get so much more depth with a book.

Novels will allow you to take some time away and get immersed in another story. They can distract you from anything going on in your life that you need some time away from. They help you keep your imagination alive and depending on what author you choose can actually teach you a lot (I love Jodi Picoult for this reason).

Self-help books are great for personal development and will motivate and inspire you to change your life. If you want to start taking action and instead of distracting yourself from your life, get completely aware then start with some self-help books.

I wrote a post on the best self-development books here.

There are so many different topics you can choose from that you can literally read about anything you want. No matter how unique or obscure.

So here are the little things I like to focus on in the winter months to keep my mind happy and my soul fulfilled. What will you be doing in the coming months?

Self-Care Ideas for the Colder Months