Sacrifices I Have Had To Make for My Goals

The reason that not everyone can hit their goals is because many people are not willing to make the sacrifices that are needed in order to work towards them. If hitting our goals was easy, we all would have done it by now. The reality is that when you have a big goal in front of you, you are going to have to say no to things. If you take it seriously you have to actively work towards it every day. If you goal is not your number one priority then your time is going to be taken up by something else, not the work you need to do.

Here are some of the sacrifices I have had to make for my goals.

Regular Downtime

Now I love Netflix as much as the next person and I would spend every evening after dinner watching it. And I still do from time to time. However once I finally realised that my goals were so much more important than finishing a TV show, I had to put this on hold.

Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t cut it out completely, I just stopped the regular occurence of it. I now watch it whilst I am tidying or getting ready. And I allow myself to just chill and watch a show on the weekends.

The problem isn’t watching Netflix, it’s that it had turned into a daily habit. Our habits shape us and make us who we are. So this daily habit was not bringing anything to my life, it was just holding me back. Yes it’s nice to escape for a little while but because I have this passion and purpose that is pulling me towards my goal, I know I had to get out of this cycle.

Now instead of watching Netflix, I work on this website, I connect with you beautiful people and I enjoy it just as much, it’s just a little more intentional and not so mindless. But this extra time on my work is going to boost me massively.

So whatever habits you do every day that are just a source of mindless entertainment to you, try and cut this down as much as possible and get productive instead.

Progression in My Day Job

It might not be news to you but I currently have a day job. It’s not in line with my passions but it pays the bills and I am content.

Now many times i have been offered to take exams so that I can learn more and potentially progress within the business, I have even had a job offer from a competing first promising faster progression. But I have turned this all down.

Now I know a lot of people won’t know why and think that I should just go for it because this would be the safer option however I am thinking completely differently.

I am so invested in my dreams that I want to be able to focus solely on building this. If I was to take exams, my evenings would be taken up with revision. If I was to take the other job then I would not have the flexibility to sneakily work on my dream at work (sorry boss).

I am looking at the bigger picture and I know that if I was to progress where I am I would not be fulfilled, no matter how much my salary could grow. I am striving for freedom so allowing myself to put in the work now with an easy day job, I can then potentially give this up when I am in a position to do so.

So if you feel like you are being pressured to go the safe route but know in your heart that you want something else and you are prepared to work for it then do that instead. It’s time to put your goal at the top of your priority list.


I see people around me moaning that they don’t have any money, complaining that they could never buy a house etc. However these are the same people that have their nails done every month, they order takeout multiple times a week or even have a car on finance that is way beyond what they need.

I know we all crave to have these little (and big) luxuries and I would love to be the type of person that could have a nice car, manicured nails and perfectly highlighted hair. But my goal is so much bigger than these things that in the long run don’t mean anything.

I own a cheap run around car, I paint and file my own nails and get my mum to box dye my hair. And I truly belive that I am just as fulfilled as I would be if I was spending hundreds a month on these instead.

Because I don’t pay out for any of these I am able to save so much more money. Money that otherwise would just be going down the drain. Money that I can invest into my business, put into savings or use it for something meaningful or life-changing.

If you are serious about your goals, especially if they are money related, then you really need to look at how you spend your money on things that you don’t need and that won’t bring you joy in the long run.

So what are things that you can live without to save you money for you big goals instead?

Caring What Others Thinks

So this one is a little different. For years I have been worried what people think of me. I mainly think about the people I knew from school who are just not into the Self-Development world and how they would mock me if they saw what I was trying to do. For so long this held me back and stopped me from really going for my dreams.

Now, it still is at the back of my mind. Of course it is never going to go completely away but instead of succumbing to the fear I have decided to ignore it.

What is really the worst thing that can happen? If you have a big dream, you can bet that others will be confused by it. It is going to be outside the realm of possibilities for so many other people. But that is because they think small, and you think big. What type of person would you rather be?

By putting my fear of judgement aside I have thrived so much more, I can be true to myself and with no boundaries. I now have faith that the right people will find me and the wrong people may laugh at me, but who cares?

I would say this fear, along with the fear of failure, are the top causes in why people don’t go for their dreams. Like I said, you will never stop caring completely but you just need to put it to the back of your mind any way and before long, even the doubters will end up praising you.

So give it up and stop allowing it to rule your life.

So these are the main sacrifices I have made in order to work towards my goals. Can you add tot his list or can you see where you could improve? I would love to hear from you.

Sacrifices I Have Had To Make For My Goals