Mindset Shifts You Need to Make to Achieve Your Goals

If you keep starting off the year working towards your goals to only give up or get off track a few weeks down the line then there may be something wrong with the mindset you are taking with you into the journey. I do believe that in order for us to achieve our goals we have to become the person that has already achieved them. I wrote a post about this concept, if you want to delve deeper read it here. So what are the mindset shifts you need to make to acheive your goals?


Firstly, you need to be positive. You cannot go into something - anything - feeling negative. I know this can be hard, especially if it is something like you wanting to lose weight. Because if you hate your body, and you are dieting because you hate it, it can be hard to have a positive outlook.

Instead though, you can turn this around and picture how you will look. Or start thinking about how much your health will improve. Notice how exercising and eating nutritous food makes you feel.

Think of every positive along the journey instead of dwelling on the fact that you are not there yet.

Just this mindset alone will make a huge difference. You are so much more likely to give up if you are feeling negative about the situation. If you turn it around and make it a positive experience you are going to want to keep going and keep making progress towards your goal.

I know this can be so hard, I used to be plagued with negative thoughts, especially when I was at the depths of my depression so maybe before you start taking action towards your goals you need to focus on your mental health and mentality towards yourself.

Take the time to focus on getting your head in the right space before you go all in towards your goals, you will thank yourself later.

Discipline > Motivation

Again this is something that I have written a post about (here). But we cannot be motivated all of the time. Maybe on the first of January you were feeling super pumped and ready to go but this motivation wanes throughout the month and can be completely gone by February.

If you are depending on this motivation for you to take action then you are not going to still be working at it in February.

Instead of focusing on how much motivation you feel, how disciplined are you?

If you are discplined it doesn’t matter how you feel, it’s about just doing it. You don’t need to tie any emotion to discipline you just get up and take action. So it’s Monday - that is gym day or its 5am and time to wake up and work on your business for an hour. It just is.

If you wake up in the morning and don’t feel motivated at all, if you have discpline you will do it any way. If you don’t add that discipline into the mix, your not going to get out of bed.

So stop waiting to feel like you want to do something, because more often than not, you won’t feel like it. Just shake it off, get up and do it, no excuses.

Just shake it off, get up and do it, no excuses.
— True You Lifestyle


I truly believe that being organised is the key to achieving anything. I cannot work to my optimum capacity if I am not organised. I have been losing weight because I plan my meals each week on the Sunday. I know exactly what I am having each day.

I struggle with my website and blog sometimes because I am not planning my content, just kind of making it up as I go along. (So yes, I know where i need to work on it too). This shows that having that plan in place is making a big difference in your success.

If you take some time out and actually write down what it is you need to do and how you need to get there and then follow this, it will be failproof.

It’s also about your physical surroundings. If I have a messy home, I notice massively the change in my productivity. If I have a good clean up first thing then I can get so much more done. It increases my motivation too so everything becomes easier.

So what plan can you put together to get started? And take a look around you and see if your space, or even just your schedule is optimised so that you feel at ease working towards your goal.

No Quick Fix

Especially now-a-days, we always want a quick turnaround. We see people on social media and everyone looks like an overnight success. I can confirm that no one is an overnight success. You don’t see the long hard road they traveled before they were on your phone screen.

You want to be realistic, you want it to be sustainable and you want it to work for you long term. There are so many diffferent ways that people can mess up by trying to do things to quickly.

The most obvious example is losing weight. And yes, even I have tried a liquid diet and of course I lost weight initially. But I couldn’t stick with it for long and as soon as I started eating normally again I put it all back on and then some!

Instead now I have slowed down and I am eating in a way that I can see myself eating for the rest of my life. I know it will take longer but there actually is more of a chance of success. So just remember, slow and steady wins the race.

But then again, after all, it isn’t a race anyway. Go at a pace that you are comfortable with and know that you will make it there. It doesn’t have to be tomorrow.

So keep all of these points in mind when you are looking to tart making steps towards your goals and take the time to alter your mindset first so the journey is more manageable.

Mindset Shifts You Need to Mkae to Achieve Your Goals