How Meal Prepping Helped Me Lose 7 Pounds in 1 Week

I have always been terrible at eating healthy and never been able to stick to it. I would have intentions all day of coming home and sitting down to a nice healthy dinner but as soon as I step through my front door after work all my motivation just fizzles away. So much so, I end up just whipping out some curly fries and breaded chicken from the freezer accompanied by a big dollop of Mayo, or even worse get a takeaway. 

Obviously this isn't sustainable, it isn't healthy and it sure doesn't make me feel good so I knew I had to change my approach to my meals. I decided to plan my meals every Sunday so I knew what I was eating every day for the week. 

I sit down with all of my cook books, a meal planner and a shopping list and get it all down. I choose dinner for each evening and most lunches (some of my lunches are leftovers from last night's dinner). 

So how did I lose 7 pounds?

I followed the Joe Wicks recipe books and used his approach. I had pretty low carb meals apart from the days that we were working out which was 4 times a week. I would usually have a smoothie or a healthy-ish cereal in the morning with Almond milk. A home made soup or leftovers for lunch and then Dinner would always be a hearty meal full of protein and good fats and occasionally carbs.

Now I am still perfecting this and I do have a little relapse every now and then again but the first week I followed it pretty closely and I lost 7 pounds. Like I said I was exercising as well, mainly using weights with just a little bit of cardio. (I get so bored doing cardio for too long!)

I know this is a big diet no-no but I don't snack. This is something though that works for me as I don't like nuts, seeds or much fruit and even if I brought some to work with me it would just go to waste. My problem is I like hot, rich foods and an apple does not fulfil that for me so I am better off just skipping it. I don't force myself and I don't get hungry between meals anyway but you do what feels right for you.

Now, I obviously cannot guarantee that you would get this much success if you followed the Joe Wick's Body Coach approach because we are all different, our bodies are different, maybe you would do even better! But this just shows that making the effort to know what I was having each evening for dinner and sticking to it really made the difference.

As well as the weight loss, my food waste drastically decreased as I was only buying what I needed and I would normally have a leftovers meal on the Saturday evening with all of the leftover vegetables if there are any.

Meal Planning to lose weight


If you want me to give some examples of some recipes we love of Joe Wicks' then let me know in the comments below and I would love to share!