Items That Will Make Your Health & Fitness Journey Easier

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You don’t need anything but discipline and a ‘why’ to start your health and fitness journey but with the following items it will be so much easier. These items will either give you more options for healthier meals, improve workouts or just give you a bit of motivation to stick with it. So here are the items that I use and love that help me.

Stainless Steel Protein Shaker

I have started tracking my macros and as I would like to lose fat and build muscle I require lots of protein. Sometimes though it can be hard to hit my allowance each day with just my diet so a protein shake is always helpful.

I don’t use shakes as meal replacements as I love food but if I am running late and haven’t got time to make breakfast a protein shake is an easy option.

I use protein shakes as a mid afternoon snack to fill me up during that slump at work.

If you have ever had a protein shake before then you will know what I talk about when I say how bad the container smells once you have used it. If you don’t have time to clean it as soon as you finish then the smell is just awful.

Because of this I decided to get a stainless steal protein shaker and the smell has improved so much. Plus it looks so much nicer which of course is important to!

Get the exact protein shaker I use here.

Blender/Smoothie Maker

If I have time, then my favourite breakfast to have is a filling and nutritious smoothie.

I throw in a banana, spinach and frozen berries. I then add superfood powders, protein powder, chia seeds and almond milk and whiz it all together and create the yummiest smoothie ever.

It is so easy and so full of nutrition it’s crazy. If you love smoothies, stop wasting money by buying them premade, not only are they expensive but it’s nice to know exactly what you are putting into them.

Look on Pinterest and find lots of different smoothie recipes to try. Then you can experiment and find one which you love. But remember to always add some greens for maximum health benefits.

Find my smoothie maker from the UK here.

Gym Clothes

Nothing motivates me more than investing in some gym clothes. It makes me really want to wear them and use them in the gym and also gives me more confidence once I am there.

My favourite gym brand (along with so many other people) is Gym Shark. Both their men and women’s clothes are a dream.

My most recent purchase were these khaki leggings which are super soft and comfortable whilst being so flattering for my larger bum and legs.

When I bought them I literally couldn’t wait to style them with the rest of my gym clothes and show them off in the gym. Sounds silly, like it’s just the gym. But the mindset shift that happens when you love what you wear is huge.

Other great stores to get your gym clothes from are H&M, Victoria’s Secret (cute but expensive) and any sports stores.


Now I know not everyone can fork out for a new bike or even have a suitable climate for the investment to be worth it. But if it is something that you have been thinking about then it is definitely worth getting one.

Any time the weather is good and you don’t have too far to go, use your bike instead of your car. If the sun is shining and you are looking for something to do, go for a bike ride.

Now, my fiance and I cycle to the gym instead of driving there. This offers us more cardio time and saves us money on gas. It also means we don’t have to do the boring cardio in the gym and just get straight onto the weights which we love.

Of course, if you know me you would expect me to have a pretty bike so find one that you love the look of so you are more inclined to use it and feel cute riding it.

Recipe Books

Now I do love Pinterest and Tasty to find recipes but sometimes it can be difficult as it is so oversaturated. I can be scrolling for ages and seeing the same kind of recipes over and over again, none of which are quite hitting the mark for me.

Now recipe books are great. Not only do they look good in your kitchen but the act of actually flicking through, and not being overwhelmed by the choice is huge. The pictures are always professional and no scrolling for ages looking for the ingredient list.

So get a few recipe books that you know you will love and can use over and over again. Start picking your healthy recipes in advance so you know what you are having each day to help keep you on track.

As my goal is to lose weight I love Joe Wicks’ recipe books. He now has six! I basically collect them because all of the meals are just delicious and nutritious. He also gives valuable tips on fitness and offers a kind of routine which may help you.

See a link to one of his books below but take a look on Amazon to find the rest. I really would recommend all of them.

So, like I said you don’t need anything to start your journey but if you can afford it and you want to push yourself a little more then definitely invest in some of these items. I can assure they have made a huge difference to my health and fitness.

Is there anything else that helps elevate your journey?

Items That Will Make Your Health & Fitness Journey Easier