How To Turn Frustration Into Motivation

Do you ever think about your future and just get frustrated that the things you are working towards are not happening right now? I can get super impatient sometimes and really frustrated with how long things are taking. This thinking can cause us to get into a negative mindset and actually put us on the back foot, so how do we turn frustration into something that motivates us and ignites us in a positive way?

Forget The Timeframe

We have a habit of giving ourselves - sometimes unrealistic - time frames to achieve things. We always want to get everything done as soon as possible and put pressure on ourselves when it doesn't happen.

The best thing to do is just throw this out the window. Stop trying to work against something so strict. Instead just allow yourself to achieve your goals in your own time.

So you want to start a YouTube channel and your goal is to get 50,000 subscribers? Now if you gave yourself 6 months to achieve that you would constantly be looking at your subscriber count, then the calendar getting yourself down that it's not growing as fast as you'd like. But if you take this time frame off, every day you will see your list grow and be so positive about it. Then when you hit 50,000 subscribers you will feel amazing. 

Once you take the stress off you might even find yourself becoming more successful in working towards your goals too. Because when you take this away you are making more room for motivation and drive. 

Stop Comparing Yourself

Comparisonitis is real and we all suffer from it from time to time. It is so difficult not to feel this when we have Social Media showing us everybody's highlight reel at the touch of a button.

I know that when I used to see people posting pictures of themselves holding keys to their new house my stomach would fall. 

How did they afford that? Yet here I am still here struggling to get by let alone be able to afford a deposit on a house. I would end up berating myself because I was not as "successful" as these people.

Now, however, if there was someone that was constantly bringing me down on social media then I just stopped following them. You should do the same. If you are not being shown what they are up to 24 hours a day any longer you will eventually forget about them and focus on yourself.

I know it can be difficult but just tell yourself that whatever they are doing has nothing to do with you. Just because they have achieved something you haven't quite yet, it's ok. Your time is not now but it will come. And you don't know how they achieved it or what help they had.

So just focus on yourself and stay away from the Social Media feeds that are bringing you down. Even if this means taking a break from social media as a whole if you just can't get away from those feelings. 

Make Smaller Goals

I wrote a post here on how to stay motivated by your goals and one of the most useful tips was to set yourself smaller goals - or to be precise - break your goals up into smaller steps.

If you have a huge goal way ahead in front of you it's going to be easier to get frustrated about how far it is away than to be motivated to keep going and hit it. 

So if you make smaller goals, little goals along the way to add up to your final goal then you can see your progress more clearly. You will be achieving things more frequently and be able to look back and see how many steps you have taken forward. 

If you have been working towards something for a while and haven't set up these stepping stones I bet you are feeling like you are not getting anywhere. Maybe you feel like you have been in the same place for too long and the dream is still the same distance away as it was when you started. 

So instead of trying to get excited about results that may be months or years away, you can start getting excited by goals that may take just a few weeks or even days to see the reward. 

One Will Hold You Back, The Other Will Propel You Forward

To an extent, we have control over how we feel. Whatever we focus on will take over and rule over our emotions.

If you are focusing on your frustration this is going to hold you back and not allow you to move forward. Frustration will cause stress and negativity which in turn will stop you from putting in the work. 

However, if you focus on motivation and feeling driven then guess what? You are going to start putting in the work and really going for it. 

So decide to leave behind frustration and get motivated. I know it can be difficult because we can sometimes dwell on negative feelings. We are almost addicted to those emotions because then if something doesn't work out then we have something to blame it on instead of feeling embarrassed that our hard work didn't pay off. Which, by the way, won't happen. If you work hard and keep improving and moving forward all your hard work will pay off and you will achieve amazing things.

Now though it is time to wake up and start really pushing yourself to use that initial frustration and turn it into something positive to get you achieving your goals and buiulding your dream life.

What have you been frustrated about that you are now going to turn around and use to motivate you? 

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