How To Actually Stick With Your Healthy Eating Plan

I feel like I have been trying to diet my whole life but finally, I am in a place where I am eating healthy in a sustainable way and actually sticking with it pretty well. If you are trying to eat healthier - and I mean properly eat healthier and not just crash dieting - then here are some tips on how to stick to your healthy eating diet so your efforts are not wasted and you can finally be happy, confident and well. 

Plan Ahead

I find that the most important thing about sticking to your healthy eating regime is to plan ahead. I always make sure that I know exactly what I am eating in advance.

This means that I am not getting home after work and thinking "What should I have?". Only to then spend half an hour trying to decide, feeling unmotivated and just settling for something quick and easy - which tends to be not so healthy. 

Now though I plan all my meals on a Saturday, purchase all the ingredients on Sunday so I have it all ready for me when I need it during the week. We sit down with our cookbooks and go through what we might fancy every weekend.

Because we are not deciding on the meals in the heat of the moment we can actually choose meals that are healthy and nutritious

Because we shop each and every week, this means that we are always eating fresh food and it saves us so much money as well as minimising food waste. 

But you also need to be strict with yourself. There is no use making these plans if you are just going to completely ignore them.

Never buy more than what is on your shopping list and always stick to the plan. 

Do Not Have Cheat Days

When I first started my weight loss journey I would allow every Sunday to be my 'Cheat Day'. This would be the day I would indulge and treat myself for being so good during the week.

However, this didn't last long. Not only did I wake up every Monday morning feeling like crap, I was also undoing all the hard work I had done in the week. 

You know how we are always advised that drinking little and often is a lot better than binge drinking? I think this is the same for food. 

If you are filling yourself up with ridiculous amounts of harmful sugary food all in one day I am sure this does crazy things to your hormones and blood sugar levels as well. It just cannot be healthy. 

So I stopped having cheat days completely. Now, you can have cheat meals, these won't wreak as much havoc, however, I choose to stick to my healthy eating all of the time now and only give myself a treat on special occasions such as my birthday or if we go away on holiday (and even then I am generally still good).

This is because, for my body, it is incredibly easy to put on weight. I was losing weight throughout the week and then put every pound back on by the Monday. It was a waste of time and was so demotivating. 

I also find if I do take some time off eating healthy it is ten times harder to get back on track again. So if you are the same, sometimes it is best just to stick with it and keep going. Don't undo the hard work you have put in during the week and make your healthy lifestyle a full-time thing. Your body will thank you for it. 

Switch It Up

Again there is no one rule for everyone. We are all completely different so maybe you have found something that works for someone else but when you give it a go its either not working or you just aren't enjoying it. 

That's ok. 

Don't beat yourself up. Don't tell yourself that you must be doing something wrong because it isn't working. Your body is different and it won't react the same as others to food or exercise.

So try something else. Maybe take something out of your diet or add something. Maybe try training more or less or in a completely different way. 

Even now I am still playing around with what works best for me and I am actually having fun with it. It also means I get a lot of variety and I don't get bored. 

We constantly evolve as well so even if something is working for you now it might not continue to work in a years time. So be open to change even if you are seeing results right now, because you may have to switch it up in the future. 

If you keep trying new ways of eating, you will 100% find something that will work for you. It will be fun, delicious and sustainable. Just keep searching until you find what works. 

Picture How Your True Self Would Eat

I wrote a post on how to become the person you dream of being. Read it here.

In this post, I go into how you need to picture the person you want to become. You know that person you have in your mind, that person you are aspiring to embody? 

If you are trying to lose weight picture that slimmer person. If you are trying to just feel healthier or maybe you are using your diet to heal yourself holistically, how are you going to feel and act and who are you going to be?  

Now this person you are dreaming of becoming who is slimmer, healthier and happier than you are now is your True Self. She is who you deserve to be deep down. But to become her, you need to be her right now. 

So in everything you do, you must ask yourself first, "What would my True Self do?" 

This has helped me massively. Most recently I was offered a sausage roll. Now I love sausage rolls. If you are not from the UK, let me tell you they are almost a delicacy here (only joking, but wow they are delicious). Now, normally I would have said yes straight away and devoured it in seconds. 

But this time I took a moment and pictured my True Self eating a sausage roll. And this picture didn't sit right. She wouldn't eat processed meat wrapped in a sugary and greasy pastry. She fills her body with healthy and nutritious food. So I said no. And you know what? Just because of that decision I am now closer than ever before to becoming my 'True You'. 

So if you keep in this mindset and start acting like your True You now, you will be able to stick with it no problem.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Hungry

Another mistake that we make is allowing ourselves to go hungry. 

Firstly this means that you shouldn't be crash dieting or simply not eating. This will not work, it will not be sustainable and it certainly isn't healthy. 

If you are on a diet that causes you to be hungry all the time then I can tell you now that you are not on the right path. 

Secondly, if you allow yourself just to get hungry you are more likely to reach for something out of convenience and not for nutrition. We all get a little hungry from time to time when we haven't quite planned our meals out right. But when the hunger hits, it is so much easier for us to just grab something quick. We have little motivation to prepare something healthy because we need that quick fix. 

And hunger is hard to ignore. 

So instead, like before, plan ahead and always make sure you have something healthy to hand to keep you full and to curb cravings.

Maybe you start to see patterns around when you are becoming hungry or having cravings so try and switch things up a bit to help you stay satisfied for longer. 


At the end of the day, it is mainly about just getting on with it and being strict with yourself. You need to really commit to this journey. 

As long as you have your plan in place and decide to go for it, just take each day as it comes. Never think to yourself, "I will start tomorrow". And don't make exceptions every day like I used to. 

Just get into the mindset and just do it. It's as simple as that. Yes, it is difficult but just stop sabotaging yourself and just keep pressing forward and making progress and you will soon see the difference. 

Please comment below and let me know if this has helped you at all! I would love to hear. 

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