How To Stay Focused on Your Goal Whilst on Vacation

I know vacations are the time in which you are meant to switch off and just enjoy yourself but sometimes our goals need constant work to enable us to actually achieve them. So whether you are trying to lose weight and just can't help yourself at the buffet or you are working on your business and just don't find the time to work on it whilst you are away then here
are some ways that I have been able to keep my goals in my mind. 

Sidenote; I am actually on vacation as I write this so thought it was fitting. 

Embody the Person You Want to Be

Like I have written in my previous post here it is important that we do not disassociate from the person that we wish to become. We actually want to be that person. 

So you need to continue to ask yourself how would your true you act on this vacation? Would she give up and not do a thing or would she take an hour here or there to work in order for her to continue living the life she always dreamed of? 

You have to remember that it isn't the end of the world for you to pick healthier options at the buffet and skip on dessert.

It's not the end of the world if you get up early and spend an hour on your laptop in your hotel room when you would otherwise be in bed. 

You have to just make the choices that in the grand scheme of things will not impact your holiday and in fact, probably make you get up and have a more productive and fun day anyway. 

So what would true you do? And just do that.

If you want to start living a curated life for yourself, a lot of the time we can't give up on things for a week or two, we have to keep going. So stay true to the person you are, the person you
deserve to be inside. 

Take Your Vision Board With You

Is it the motivation that you are struggling with whilst you are on vacation?

In that case, you need to use techniques that are in place at home and take them with you whilst you are on holiday. 
So you have a mood board? Take it with you. Or take a picture of it and set it as your phone background so you can be reminded of it often.

Or if you enjoy getting motivated by podcasts and videos, there is nothing to say that you can't listen to an inspiring podcast whilst led by the pool or read a self-help book before bed. 

So just make sure you are using the tools that help you on holiday as well as at home. 

It doesn't take long to fall out of bad habits and it can be really difficult to get back into them. So keep consuming whilst you are away so that you are constantly getting motivated and excited about your goals. 

This will then mean you are more likely to keep working on it whilst you are away and when you get back home. 

Create a Mini Goal for Your Vacation

You can also create yourself a mini goal whilst you are on vacation.

So say your main goal is to earn enough in your business to quit your job and do what you love full time. Then maybe your mini goal could be to email two clients whilst you are away or write a blog post and edit one photograph.

If you are just focusing on your big goal and not giving yourself actionable steps to take whilst you are away then it will seem too overwhelming and it's likely that you won't do anything at all.

The mini goal might not be as ambitious as what you would set when you are at home on a normal week but as long as it is achievable whilst you are on vacation you will feel so good at the end when you know that you are one step closer instead of a few steps back.

Just remember not to be hard on yourself if you don't achieve as much as you normally would. You are on holiday so it's okay to slow down during this time and set the goals in line with what you are prepared to do whilst on vacation.

Ask Yourself What is More Important

You need to start being honest and a little bit blunt with yourself. 

What is more important to you? Is it spending that money on loads of food at fancy restaurants just because you are away or packing a wallet-friendly picnic to eat on the beach?

But then again maybe you are a big foodie whilst you are on holiday and do want to spend money on these meals that you otherwise wouldn't. But as long as you are okay with this and have put this in your budget or written this down as a hurdle in your journey to your goal then you will have no problem.

But you just need to be completely honest with yourself and realize that those little steps don't really take anything from the holiday but could potentially propel you towards your goals. 

Like I said, I am on vacation at the moment and I am trying to lose weight. Now I am not being as strict as I am at home but I am still not eating sugar, so yes missing out on the icecreams sat on the beach. But my dream body and confidence is much more important than sitting on the beach eating something that will take me a whole 10 minutes to consume. 

So what is more important to you?

Prepare Before You Go

When I knew that I was going away I set up my Tailwind for Pinterest to post for me automatically whilst I am away, to keep the marketing of my website consistent. Find out more about Pinterest and Tailwind here. 

I also set up my weekly newsletter in advance so that all the lovely people on my email list would not miss out on their weekly roundup.

Now I could have written posts in advance so that I didn't have to this weekend but that was not feasible and I didn't mind taking an hour out here or there to write. In fact, I enjoy it, it doesn't feel like working at all.

I planned when and how I would write, so I took my laptop with me and realised that there are great times during my vacation days that I can fit this in easily.

Now if I would not have planned all of this in advance it would be likely that my business/blog would fall behind and I would have to work even harder when I got back to build it up.

So what plans can you put in place to ensure that your goals are still being worked towards whilst you are away? 

Are there any other ways that you would like to share about how you stay motivated on holiday? I would love to hear. 

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