4 Incredibly Easy Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

We all love online shopping and if you are anything like me you also love to save as much money as possible. I am not a big spender by any means. I give myself a small budget each month to treat myself with. I like to stretch this budget as far as it will go and to make the most of it so when I shop online I will never pay full price or delivery. If there is a cost I can get out of paying for, I will. After becoming a bit of a pro at this over the last few years I thought I would share my tips. So here are a few ways that I save money whilst online shopping.

Install Honey

The first thing I would do is install the browser extension Honey. This is the best thing for online shopping. If you don't have this on your browser you are missing out on so many discounts and even cashback. 

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So what is Honey? It literally looks for coupon codes for you.

Basically, once you sign up and add it to your extension, each time you get to check out this little guy on the left will pop up and tell you that there may be coupon codes available. Just click 'Apply Coupons' and it will go through all the codes and try each of them for you. You don't have to do anything but just sit and wait for it to complete. If it works it will show you how much it has saved you and you will see the discount applied in your basket. So satisfying. How easy is that?

Obviously, it does not work every time as codes are constantly changing but it's completely free to sign up for so there is nothing at all to lose. 

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What is great as well about Honey is that they have now introduced a cashback scheme. 

So regardless if a coupon code works or not, if they offer cashback on this particular store they will apply it to your account. Just keep a look out for the pop-up. It is as easy as that. The cashback generates 'Gold' in your account. Each gold counts for 1¢. And once these equal up to $10 you can then purchase gift cards to be used at places like Target, Groupon, Amazon or Ebay. Again this is all completely free and pretty much automated so there is literally no reason you should not be signing up for this and connecting it to your browser. 

Sign up to Honey here and start saving instantly.  

Do Your Research

Nowadays things are completely different prices all over the internet and you can buy things from multiple different places so it really is worth shopping around. I know it takes a little longer but if you are serious about sticking to a budget then it is definitely worth doing. All these little discounts will add up over time and make a huge difference. Also, every now and then you will find a massive saving that will make it worth it and then some. 

Another extension I love is the Amazon Assistant. Not only can you add things to your wishlist from all over the internet, not just Amazon. But if you are looking at a particular item on another website and Amazon recognizes that they stock this too, a bar will appear across the top of the screen showing you their price for this exact same item. This is really handy because it does some of the research for you. Install the Amazon Assistant extension for Chrome here. 

But Amazon isn't always the cheapest so remember wherever you shop just to have a look around, see if you can find any discount codes or if they offer student discounts for example. It takes a little time but trust me, there is always something you can find to save you money if you just put in that little extra time. I will never buy anything unless I have googled a discount code or just googled the items itself to see if it is sold anywhere else for cheaper. You will surprise yourself with what is out there to help save you money. 

Never pay for delivery or for anything full price again.

Sign Up To Newsletters

I know, I used to ignore the "Sign Up To Our Newsletters" pop-ups on online stores too. I didn't take any notice of them. But now if I am intending to buy something I will always sign up. This is because most of the time they will send you a discount code to welcome you and thank you for joining their newsletter. This is often in the first email they send to you straight away, so there isn't much waiting around. You can then apply this code instantly, super easy right? 

Obviously, you don't have to stay signed up and you can unsubscribe at any time but if it is a store that you shop at regularly it is worth staying on their newsletter. You will be the first to know about any sales or promotions that they have going on and you will even get exclusive discount offers just for being a member of their newsletter. 

Use a Cashback Website

I have known about cashback websites for years but never really took any notice, I thought that it would just be a long way around doing your shopping and quite frankly I would forget about them. However, recently I have started to use them each time I shop and I can't tell you how good they are. 

I use Top Cashback. They are the UK's highest paying cashback site, and they operate around the world and offering amazing cashback almost everywhere. I won't begin to list them because there are just so many. You can look on their website here and I am sure you will find a store you frequently purchase from. 

All you have to do to earn the cashback with this website is instead of going straight to your normal website, first go onto Top Cashback. Then search for the store you want to shop from and click through their link. Then, when you get to checkout the online store will know that you came from Top Cashback and the percentage offered will be updated to your account. And that is it. So easy. 

Each store offers a different percentage of cashback and they also will frequently have offers on. If you stay signed up for their newsletter they will send you limited offers that you can make the most of to get the most cashback.  This cashback will then add up in your account with them and when you are ready to withdraw you can either take it through Paypal, as a BACs payment straight into your bank account or use it to purchase gift cards and get even more of a bonus. 

It's not just your typical online stores as well, they offer cashback on membership sites such as Match.com or on insurance, utilities etc. Literally anything. So every time you go to spend any money at all, check with them first. You could end up saving so much money. They also offer surveys so you can win money and you can refer friends for a bonus too. 

Sign up to Top Cashback here and start earning each time you spend. 

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