How to Make More Space in your Budget for Saving

Hopefully, you already have a budget in place. If you don't, read my blog post How to Create a Budget. This will give you the basics on how to get a budget together so you can start working on your finances.

Once you have your budget ready you can then start looking into ways on how you can get some of your outgoings down so that you can put more money into savings or paying off debt. 

When writing out your needs the first thing you will have written down should be your bills. If you live alone a lot of these will be utility bills. It is always important to shop around and find the cheapest provider if possible. Many people think it is a hassle to change provider but it really isn't, the new provider does all the work and mostly all you have to do is send them a meter reading (which you should be doing anyway if you want your bills to be accurate).

Also, it's not just the providers that can get your bills down, it's down to you as well. We have always been told to turn off electrical items from the plug and don't leave the water running etc. but it really is important to do this. Why leave a light on if your not in the room? I even go as cheeky as to only ever charge my phone at work in the week so I am not using that electricity at home. Trust me, every little thing helps and you will see it at the end of the year if you compare it to the previous year.

Things like phone bills or Broadband bills can be negotiated. Just give them a call and ask, maybe even tell them that you are considering leaving. These companies want your custom and they will try to hold onto you. Also with phone bills remember you don't need the most up to date phone, it's really not that important so stop spending £40 a month on a crappy contract but have the latest iPhone. Go for an older model or like me, buy a refurbished iPhone and get a super cheap Sim Only Contract. 

Groceries are another big chunk of our budget, we all need to eat and we all have the right to eat well. I wouldn't say skrimp too much on your ingredients because I believe that health is just as important as wealth but how can you maximise the food you do have and stop other food going to waste? Definitely read my post about How to Save Money on Your Groceries for more on this. I have halved my food bill in the last year and think it is so important, why spend the money if you don't have to? 

Get your spending down and stop being materialistic. I was a self-confessed materialistic girl, especially with makeup. Now though, I have stopped buying things unnecessarily that I don't need and sometimes find out later that I don't even want. This gives me more of an opportunity to put this money where it actually matters. I wouldn't say to restrict your spending too much though, this can have the opposite effect. If you become too hard on yourself you could give up completely because it's too difficult to follow. Maybe just try small sacrifices at first and gradually find a point where you are happy. 

Lastly get a second income. Unfortunately for many of us, the income from our main job just isn't enough to satisfy our budget. There are so many things that you can do, even just a simple Saturday job maybe during the months you struggle more - like Christmas. Or like me, start a blog! Pinterest has loads of posts about side hustles that you can try. It is definitely worth keeping it in mind, and a lot of them even give you the opportunity to do things from home. 

Are you going to try any of these tips? 

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