How to Loop Your Pins on Pinterest To Skyrocket Your Repins & Traffic

So you want to start a blog? Or you already have one but want to get more traffic by using Pinterest? Well, that was my goal too and I found the best way to automate traffic to your blog through Pinterest by setting up a loop for your Pins to be posted to Group Boards throughout the week. All automated so you can set it up and let it do the work for you. 

This is a bit of a process so get comfortable, take your time and let's get you set up. 

Group Boards

So first thing you want to start looking for Group Boards to follow. The best way to find Group Boards is to look at the people you already follow on Pinterest. Find ones that are either doing really well themselves or cover the same topics as you and look at their Boards.

They are likely to have a long list of Boards that they are a member of. A lot of these will be Group Boards.

How do you tell the difference?  

You will notice that unlike the left board, the right one has a circle in the bottom left hand corner. This circle will be the biggest giveaway in telling you that this is a Group Board. 

So go into these boards and look at the type of content that is shared. You want to make sure that it aligns with your Blog and brand. You dont want to become a member of a board that shares Chocolate Recipes if you blog about Dog Grooming.

You will also need to read the description at the top of the board page. This will tell you if they are accepting contributors and what you will need to do to become a member. Just follow this and wait until you are accepted.

You may not get accepted into all of the boards that you request to join but just get applying to a few of them and you will have a good collection in no time. 


Tailwind is a God send for getting traffic to your website through Pinterest. It helps automate your posting so that you can be consistent and post so much more with even less effort.

They do offer a free trial however to be able to automate your pins in the way I will describe below you will need the paid version. If you are serious about blogging then it is definitely worth the small investment, it will make a huge impact to your traffic whilst you can focus your time on creating more amazing content. 

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Set Up Lists

So once you have signed up with Tailwind and got to grips with it here are the steps you need to take to start a loop of Pins to be posted to your best group boards throughout the week. 

Firstly, click on Board Insights - shown to the left. 

This will bring up a table with all of your boards that you are part of. 

At the top of the screen untick each type of board apart from Group Boards. This will bring up a list of all the group boards you are a member of.  

Then click on Virality Score at the top of the table. This will show the boards with the highest virality score at the top. 

Write down the top 7-10 boards and number them.

Depending on how long a list you would like depends on how many days you want in your loop. 

For example, 7 boards on your list will mean posting for 7 days. I would recommend 7 because each week when you have new content to share you can include this in the new cycle for the following week.

Once you have them written out in order numbered 1-7 go into Publisher > Board Lists. 

Click to Add a List. Create as many Lists as Group Boards you have written down. So I have made 7. Also, number these Lists to make them easier, I named mine New Board List 1, New Board List 2 etc. 

Then you want to start adding the Group Boards to these lists. So starting at New Board List 1, just add all the Group Boards you have written down from 1-7.

Then when you add the Group Boards to New Board List 2, instead of adding the 1st Group Board to your list first, start with the second. So go through the list from 2-7 then finally back to 1. Then with New Board List 3 put the first board in as the third in your list and so on and so forth.

It should look something like this. Notice none of the boards are in the same position twice in each list. This is super important as it will ensure you are not posting the same content to the same board. This means you are posting 7 different pins to 7 different Group Boards every day. 

Start Automating

So now you have everything set up ready to automate you can start adding your pins to the boards. 

Because we made 7 lists of 7 boards, we can automate 7 posts to loop throughout the week. 

The first 4 pins I schedule are my four latest blog posts, then the following 3 are either my favourite or most popular posts (other than the 4 latest). 

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 13.22.56.png

So how do we schedule this? So like normal click the tailwind icon to schedule your pin. Then instead of searching for a Board to add the pin to, you want to look for the boards. The boards usually show up first in the list when you click in the area to type. 

So the first pin can be added to New Board List 1. 

This will then open up and show you all the boards in that list. 

Then scroll down and click the 'Use Interval' button on the left hand side of the green 'Add to Queue now' button. 

Then this pop-up will open up so you can set the interval between when each Pin is posted. 

You want to set the interval to 1d (1 day). This means that for the next 7 days you Pin will get posted each day to the Group Boards in the list. Whilst you can sit back and relax. 

Then don't forget to click 'Set Interval'.

Then 'Schedule Now'.

Then carry on with the rest of your pins. So add the second pin to New Board List 2, and the third pin to New Board List 3 etc etc. 

Once you are done you will want to check your schedule as some of the posts will be grouped together. You might want to spread them out about in the day so your Pinterest profile looks more consistent.

You can do this by just dragging and dropping to their new and preferred time slots. 

That's It

So yes, it can take a little while to set up but once you have your Board Lists done you don't need to do that again.

However, every now and again I do switch them up as I join groups with higher Virality Scores.

But now all you need to do is set aside ten minutes each week and set up your favourite pins to loop. 

Please let me know if this has helped you and if you have seen a difference in your traffic or repins by using this method! 

Sign up to Tailwind here and get your first month free!