How To Keep Your Desk Organised (& Allow Space for Productivity)

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I truly believe in the "Tidy Home, Tidy Mind" quote. If your surroundings are uncluttered and calming then your mind will be also. This includes your workspace. This is probably the most important place to keep tidy as this is where you want to be focused and get ready to get some serious work done. You don't want to be surrounded with the mess that won't allow you to get your head down and be productive. Here are some of the tips and items I have on my desk to keep it spotless.

Create A Space You Find Beautiful

First of all, you want to create a desk that reflects you and what you think is beautiful. This will mean you have more pride in your space and you are more likely to want to keep it clean and tidy. 

As you can probably tell by now my aesthetic is very pink and feminine, so naturally, my desk is too. I love having a couple of little trinkets and some flowers to keep it fresh. If I love my surroundings I am more likely to work there so this helps a lot. 

So get a few things that you can add to your desk to make it more you. 

I love flowers so I always have to have a vase on my desk to keep them in. I love these rose gold and glass vases here. The perfect size for next to your monitor. 

I also love crystals and think they are a beautiful touch to any surface. Take a look at this set of crystals here

So whatever style of decor you are into, just add a few things here and there to make it your own space that you will want to spend time at as well as keep tidy.

Clean it Every Week

There is nothing grosser than a dirty desk. It harbours so much bacteria and if you are spending a long time at your desk each day you don't know what could be lurking. 

My desk gets dusty quickly so I make sure I dust it each week followed by a wipe over with a disinfectant wipe. If you keep on top of this habit you are more likely to keep your desk tidy so that you have less of a big tidy each time you clean. 

I also always use a coaster to make sure I don't leave ring marks from my drinks, plus coasters look so cute. 

So start taking the cleanliness of your desk more seriously and tidiness will follow. Just be aware of it and you will notice little things you should put away or a stain you should try and remove. Take more pride in your space. 

It Doesn't Have to Stay On Your Desk

A lot of people keep piles of paperwork or books on their desk so that it is easy to reach for whilst working. I, however, can't stand the unsightly mess this can create and like to have as little clutter around me as possible. 

Everything doesn't have to be on your desk at all times. Dedicate a drawer within the desk or nearby for some of your office supplies. Therefore everything is together but out of your sight when you are not using it. 

This means that you will not be moving things around your desk constantly to make room for what you are actually working on. Your workspace will then be a more zen area. 

Phone Charging Port

This is another must for me. Having a stand for your phone is so handy, it takes up less room and you don't have to keep losing your charging cable down the back of your desk. 

If you just put it on the stand each time you sit down (on aeroplane mode if you really want to focus!) you will never be stuck without a charge. 

I got mine from Amazon UK, get a similar one here

Pretty Notebooks

Notebooks that double up as decor are the way to go. This means you can stack your notebooks, or like mine, set it down to look like a marble monitor stand on your desk.

Grab a marble notebook from Amazon here.

Every desk needs a notebook. Somewhere you can jot down quick ideas or plan our your day so make sure it is one that looks pretty on your desk but is easy to grab when inspiration strikes. 

I love to get inspiration from Pinterest and have found some beautiful ways to use notebooks as decor. You can even match them with other items on your desk to create more of a consistent theme.

Desk Storage

Desk storage are things like trinket trays, pen cups and paperwork trays. Anything that you can invest in which means things are not just piled high or strewn across your desk will help you out massively. 

I just use a pretty Anthropologie mug to store my pens and I have two trinket trays to hold my jewellery, memory cards and smaller items and crystals. They are so handy because you can quickly pick items up when you need them but they are still organised and won't get lost amongst the chaos on your desk. 

I don't use a lot of paperwork so I just have a folder that I store in my drawers as I mentioned above but it is a good idea to have a tray or box to hold it on your desk if it is something you use regularly. 

Just having a box or tray to store paperwork means it will be held together nicely, won't end up all over your desk and could even add to the aesthetics of your desk. 

Just Tidy Up

At the end of the day, to keep a tidy workspace you just need to tidy up after yourself. It is simple as that. It isn't hard as long as you keep it up and put things back where they were as soon as you finish using them. 

I know it can be difficult to find the motivation to put everything away after spending hours working away at your desk. But get yourself into a habit. 

We could go through tips on how to be tidy all day but in truth, you just have to be motivated to take this few extra seconds to actually do it. 

I wrote a post on how to keep your home tidy for good if you want some more help. Read it here.