5 Ways To Get Your Partner On Board With Your Goals

I am lucky in the fact that my fiance has always been my biggest cheerleader and our future dreams are completely in line. However, I know that others are not as lucky. Whether you want to lose weight, quit your job and travel the world or start a new career path. If you are struggling for your partner to see from your point of view and get as excited about your goals as you are then here are some tips to get them on board.

Support Them Too

If you have dreams and goals then it is more than likely that they do too. If you are only ever interested in what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve then they may feel a bit bitter that you are taking no interest in them.

So start talking about their dreams too and see how yours could fit together. Once you show interest in what they think about then they will reciprocate. 

But be genuine. If you have to force it, then obviously their dreams are not important to you and you should really be asking yourself a different question.

So get deep and find out what is in their heart and what lights them up. How nice would it be to be able to sit together and discuss your dreams and your future instead of you just drilling it into them what it is you want to do. 

Let Them Know How It Will Benefit Them

If they don't resonate with your goal initially then you need to explain how it will benefit them and what you will be able to do and offer once you get there. 

Sometimes they might not be able to see the bigger picture or why you want to do this. They might not realise the benefits or the lifestyle change that your goal may bring. So you need to fill them in on how your lives will change once you hit this milestone and how much happier it could make you.

Say you want to lose weight but they love you the way you are. Then maybe you could tell them how much more confident you will be and how you can treat yourselves to more holidays and swimming activities because you will want to flaunt the hard work you have made on your body. 

So engage them properly in what you are doing and get them excited too.

Show Them You Are Serious

There are plenty of people in this world with pipe dreams who are constantly saying what they are going to achieve and what they want to do but there are not many people that actually take action and do it. 

Sometimes for someone to take your dreams seriously you need to show them that you are dedicated and you have a plan in motion to start taking steps towards this. 

There is no use saying that you are going to emigrate to Australia and live on the beach and then do nothing about it. You need to start saving up money, doing some research, looking at visas and house prices and job opportunities.

If you can then show them the work you have done and the research you have carried out they will know that you are serious. You may be able to even sell the idea to them even better because you can preempt their questions or worries.

Try New Things

This is also great if you know you want to shake your life up but you're not quite sure how just yet.

Start trying new things with your partner. Maybe your dream is to quit your jobs and road trip in your own campervan. Well, try a week away in a rented van and see how you like it. They might absolutely fall in love with the idea or you never know, you might realize that it isn't for you. 

But if you introduce them to the idea of new adventures or different paths in life then they are more likely to give a good idea of what will work for you as a couple. 

So get yourself out there and start trying new things and finding new passions. Get out of your comfort zone and expand your experiences.

However, you might find out that they just are not into the same things as you and you have so many difference that you didn't initially see but this goes on to my next point. 

Find a New Partner

At the end of the day if your partner is just not interested or isn't on the same page as you then I'm afraid to say it probably isn't going to work.

If they don't care about what you want to achieve then they obviously don't deserve that role they have in your life and you should think about getting rid. I know its tough but it is true.

You should be with someone who loves everything about you and supports you through anything and everything. Not just someone who is here for you right now but doesn't care about what you want deep down.

If your partner does care but wants something completely different, for example, if you dream of traveling the world and being away from home for months at a time but they are ready to settle down and start a family, this is not going to work.

Because one of you will have to give up the dream. Then the person who isn't living their purpose will become bitter and eventually realize that they should go out and finally pursue their goals instead of being held back from what they truly want. 

It's best to move on sooner rather than later so that you can focus on your goals or finding someone that will support your goals through thick and thin.

What goals are you looking to get your partner on board with? 

How To Get Your Partner on Board With Your Goals