How To Get Over a Shitty Situation Quickly

So the other weekend I went to the Bristol Harbourside Festival and had such a good day. We cycled in and then when we returned to where we had our bikes locked up we found that our locks had been cut and my fiance's bike was stolen. We were obviously upset and annoyed at the situation, however, we have handled it well. We were discussing how someone else might have reacted to this situation so thought I would share how to get over those shitty moments and move on. 

Don't Blame Anyone

The easiest thing to do when the situation first arises is to blame someone and start feeling resentful either towards yourself or more often someone close to you.

But no matter what happened it isn't anyone's fault. A million things lined up for this to happen so there is no use pointing the finger. That won't change what has happened and it will only make you feel worse. 

So even if it means taking some time to yourself, just allow yourself to process it without placing blame or exploding at those close to you. 

You have to remember that other people will not react the way you want them to, but they may be feeling the same as you. We all deal with these situations differently and everyone makes mistakes. So just remember this before you start pushing people away because of an issue that couldn't be helped. 

Know That It Could Have Been Worse

In my situation, with the bike being stolen I imagine all the other things that actually have sentimental value to me.

Imagine if my engagement ring had been stolen or my dog. A bike isn't the worst thing to be stolen, it is replaceable. It wasn't passed down for generations and it wasn't the only one in the world. 

If I had just focused on how awful it was that someone had stolen our property then I would have gotten angrier and angrier about it all. But instead, I tried to focus on what I do have and what they didn't take. 

At the end of the day, I am not going to be 90 years old worrying about that one time when my fiance's bike got stolen. 

So whenever you find yourself in one of these shitty situations just look at how it could have been worse.

Accept That It Is a Part of Life

Unfortunately, the truth is that this happens to everyone at some point in our lives. Good things happen and bad things happen. This was just your time. But it will be your time for something good to happen someday too. 

I explained to my fiance that this happens to everyone and today was just our day. As long as we take a lesson from it (get a better lock and insurance) then we can move on.

Life is a balance and when something bad happens, something good is around the corner. As long as you recognize this and seek out the good in your life then you will move forward a lot quicker. 

Think About Something Else

When something shitty happens it can replay over and over in your head. Even if what happened wasn't really that big of a deal. 

The best thing to do in this situation is to distract yourself and get your mind elsewhere. So whether that is doing some meditation or doing something that you enjoy.

Picking up a hobby or even reading a book with an engaging story. Just do something that will keep your mind off the situation. 

Once you get stuck into something else entirely, this issue will fade into the background and give you some time to regroup and calm down before tackling the issue and finding a solution to move forward. 

Practice Gratitude

I have spoken about gratitude before and I think it is so important to practice every day. However, if you are going through something that is bringing you down then it is even more important now to practice gratitude. 

Think about what is great in your life at this moment. I know it might be hard especially if you are in that negative mindset right now. 

But just get into a habit of thinking about the good things in your life. Write it down and record it each and every day.

This will help you get into the habit of not dwelling on the bad things going and start thinking about and appreciating what good there is around you.

So the next time you find yourself in one of these shitty situations remember to just focus on the goodness around you, accept it as part of life and move forward using it as a lesson to take forward. 

How To Get Over a Shitty Situation Quickly