How To Find The Time to Work Towards Your Goals

We all have busy lives. We all have different priorities. We all have goals. So how can we knuckle down and start making time for our goals? How can we make sure that we are consistently putting in the effort and work needed to achieve them?

It is super easy to draw up a vision board or create a plan but when it comes down to it we need to actually put in the work. That's the hardest part. So whether you are trying to find the time to go to the gym, work on your business or analyse your finances here are the ways that I find time in my hectic schedule to get shit done.

Plan Your Time

So firstly the obvious one is time. We all have the same hours in a day however we all run different lives. Maybe you have full-time jobs, kids, you care for a family member or suffer from mental illness. 

But what you need to do is sit down with your diary and schedule in some time. If you are just looking to see what you can fit in here or there I can guarantee you just won't find that time. But if you schedule it in and create an hour by hour plan then you are more likely to stick to it because you have it written down and locked it in.

You also need to compromise with your time. In some instances it's true, your time simply is limited and you cannot spend each waking moment dedicated to your dreams. So even if you only find an hour a week, make that hour count and at least it's an hour more than what you were doing before. 

So whereve you see a gap in your schedule no matter how small just make the most of it and work your butt off during that time. 

Know Your Distractions

So what is it that you use to pass the time? Is it Netflix or watching stupid Facebook videos? Maybe you want to meet up with friends all the time or you just love to nap. 

When you realise what is taking up so much of your time that could otherwise be spent on your personal growth you will know what is getting in the way and becoming a distraction. 

I love playing The Sims and I have for years. But do you know what? I haven't played it in such a long while because I know once I start I just can't stop. I will start playing in the evening and will still be going into the early hours of the morning. There is nothing else that captures my attention for as long. 

If you have something that you know you just can't stop, even if you tell yourself you'll just watch one show or your only going out for one drink. You need to be strict with yourself and stop creating distractions. 

I am not saying that you can never do this fun stuff ever again but choose the time wisely and maybe don't start on anything until you have achieved the work you need to put in that week. Remember that it's going to be hard work and there will be compromises to be made, you just have to get serious about it and be honest with yourself.  

It will make it a lot more rewarding knowing that you earned this little break at the end of the week. Plus how much quicker will you get to your goals if you get rid of all these distractions? 

Don't Multi-Task

So the whole multi-tasking thing is a myth. I'm sure you have heard. Us women pride ourselves on multitasking but in fact, in recent studies, it actually shows that if you are multitasking then you are not being very efficient at all.

It takes longer for you to tackle both tasks when you are flicking between the two because it takes a while to focus down on each one every time you switch.

Instead, the best thing to do is to put away some time and really get deep into the work you need to do. 

I had this problem, I was trying so hard to work on my website at work. I kept trying to go back to it every now and again between my work tasks. At first, I was thinking, "Great, I have so much time because I get to do all of this whilst I am at work". (Don't tell my boss!). 

But in fact each time I went to write something I had to read the paragraph before again to remember where I left off, a call may distract me whilst I had a great idea in my head or I would forget about the page, shut off my computer at the end of day and forget to save. 

So whilst I thought I was putting in all this time it just was not productive at all. This also meant I would get home and be less motivated to work on my website because I felt like I had been doing it all day.

So instead, what I do now is work hard on my day job when I am in the office and then just spend my own allotted time to getting stuck into my content creation. This means that I am completely focused on what is in front of me, the quality is higher so I am getting closer to my goals faster and I am not stressing about multiple different tasks. 

If you are struggling to just focus on the one task in front of you read my post here on how to focus when writing a blog post. However, it can be applied to any type of work you need to get on with.


We all have different priorities and your goals might not be near the top. 

Have an honest discussion with yourself. You need to picture how you want your life to look. If your goal is going to change your life for the better what can be more amazing than this? If you truly think that your happiness lies behind your goals then why not put that at the top of the list? 

We can sometimes forget or detach ourselves from that person we are going to become and the life we are going to start living. 

So realign your priorities and even write them down.

Of course, if you have children they (I hope) would be at the top of your list but if there is something else that is taking up your time that isn't really serving you, maybe it's time to drop that further down the list. 

Maybe actually write the list down so you can visualise it and really get honest and raw with what your priorities are. You might surprise yourself or you may just realise that you are spending too much time on the things that don't really mean that much to do. 

Get Goals That Excite You 

If your goals are not exciting you and not motivating you to actually want to work towards them then maybe your goals aren't right for you.

Maybe you are just aspiring to be something that you think you should be. So you want to get a degree and become a doctor? That's great. But do you want it or are your parents pressuring you? Do you just think it is what is expected of you? 

So start really thinking about what it is that you want and visualise, get it down on paper and feel inside what it will be like. You need to get butterflies in your stomach every time you think about it so that you will take action. 

Once you have a goal in place that gets you super excited nothing will get in the way of you putting in the work to start achieving it.

Because at the end of the day we do have time to dedicate to our goals it's just the excuses we give ourselves that get in the way. So don't allow yourself to have excuses. Get so fired up that it's the only thing that you want to work on. 

What goal are you going to start making more time for? 

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