What I Did To Finally Make Myself Feel Happier

Depression sucks and I know how hard it is to help raise yourself up but I have done it and I think anyone else can if they have the drive in them to want to change. As well as seeking medical help, here are some of the things that I did (or stopped doing) that helped me start to get out of the depressive haze and back into my light again. I still have down days or weeks but often I notice that it’s because I haven’t stuck to one of the following, when I am back in line with each of these again I feel so much better. So here is how to make yourself feel happier.

Social Media Cleanse

Now I don’t mean giving up social media altogether, (not that it isn’t a good idea) this wasn’t something I did. But instead the unfollow button became a good friend of mine.

Anyone that wasn’t giving me good vibes, was making me feel jealous or that just made me feel worse about myself I got rid of. Once you stop reminding yourself of these people each and every day you will begin to forget about them. Instead, you will focus on what you are doing and what dreams you are making come true for yourself.

We all know the saying, comparison is the thief of joy and social media is the biggest culprit for it. We get to see everyone’s highlight reels 24 hours of the day and get into this warped sense that this is people’s reality when in fact most of the time it isn’t.

But if it is making you feel worse about yourself you seriously need to detox. I stopped following a lot of people on my Instagram and it made a huge difference. Now I have probably forgotten about some of these people completely and I have never focused on myself and my success more.

My Instagram is now filled with inspiring women, people that make me laugh and cute puppies. What more could I want in an Instagram feed? It’s good vibes all round.

Read a Lot of Books

It may not be news to you that I started my personal development journey by buying a tonne of books and then just making my way through each one.

These books changed my perspective and even my life. I am so grateful for them. They showed me that I wasn’t the only one going through these struggles and that there were ways to change my mindset and tactics I could use to make myself feel better.

Whenever I stop reading, I stop learning. If you want to grow out of your sadness you need to be learning and picking up ideas along the way that will propel you forward. You don’t want to be stuck in one place, especially if that place isn’t looking too good for you right now.

So keep reading, consuming and getting more ideas and knowledge into your head. You will pick up so many actionable tips along the way and often you won’t even realise you are applying the things you have learned until you wake up 10 mornings in a row feeling amazing.

Began to Plan for the Future

I have always said that the one thing that helped pull me out of my depression was hope. Once you lose hope, you feel like there is no way out and that is when it gets dangerous.

If you have hope then you are well on your way to making yourself feel better. But I couldn’t just expect something to work out, I had to take action and make it work.

I had to write down my goals and actually visualise what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to feel.

I then had this destination that I could work towards. Once you have a plan in place it is so much easier to start the journey and not get lost along the way.

You wouldn’t drive somewhere without actually knowing where you are heading or with a bit of a plan in place on how to get there, so why would you do it with your goals?

Shared my Story

I have always been so quiet about my struggle with depression and anxiety and I still find it difficult to tell anyone that I know. It is a really strange feeling but I physically feel like I can’t get the words out of my mouth.

However, on the internet where I felt a little more anonymous and I knew that I would be attracting people that were going through similar things, I could share a little more.

Writing is like therapy. You can forget about everything else for a little while apart from the words you are putting down in front of you.

And again, starting this website and sharing my vulnerabilities have allowed me to make a little community of people that are going through the same thing and I feel like I am not alone. I feel like I have people that understand me and are there for me.

Selfishly the idea that what I am sharing might help someone else is such a good feeling and I want to keep doing it for as long as I can so I can help so many people. That itself does wonders for my happiness.

Cleaned Up

In my darkest days I would live in a complete mess, I just didn’t feel like cleaning up, I didn’t want to tidy and i couldn’t be bothered to do anything.

I would then feel worse because I was in this bad environment. It was like an endless cycle of feeling bad because it was messy and it being messy because I felt bad.

When I finally pushed myself a little to make the effort and tidy and have pride in the space around me I noticed that I was just feeling a lot better and was able to be more productive.

Now I am incredibly tidy and if on the odd occasion there is a little mess I can massively tell the difference in my mindset and how I cannot get as much work done. So I get down to business and always have a good old tidy up as often as possible to keep my mindset in check.

What can you do with your environment to help?

Found a Job I Didn’t Hate

I actually ended up quitting my job when I was severely depressed and was unemployed for a little while as I couldn’t leave the house. Eventually I really needed the money and I tried out some jobs but I just couldn’t stick them out because they made me feel even worse.

It would be a good distraction for a little while and then eventually I would come home crying and wake up in the morning crying and eventually just becoming a hermit in my own home again because I just couldn’t face it.

Now I know a lot of this was due to the depression and how it was effecting my mindset in my job roles but when I finally found a job that I was pretty happy with (I mean it’s still work but you know, not terrible) I have never once dreaded going in and feel like I really have a place there I began to feel like I had purpose and felt happier in myself.

Now my job at the moment is not going to offer me any progression and it isn’t the best paid job in the world but at the time of taking the job I just wanted to be happy and settled and this has really done the job for me.

I was given the opportunity to move on and potentially have the opportunity to progress and get paid more but I turned it down because I know right now that I am in a space where I am happy and safe. It is allowing me to be able to come home and work on my little home on the internet here.

So is there anything here that you can take with you going forward so you can be happier and start building that wonderful life you deserve to live?

What I Did To Finally Make Myself Feel Happier